Thursday, April 30, 2020

Outfit of the Day: More of the Same.

I try to be honest with the outfits I post which means you get variations on the same six things I'm wearing every week while working from home. Mostly I'm leaning towards ultra-comfort with enough flair to keep me feeling like a real human person. 

I've been wearing my Letluv lightning bolt waffle tee a ton because it's super comfortable and thicker than your average tee but the sleeves are kind of ridiculous and don't photograph very well. It's sold out but I love this NY graphic tank that's also by Letluv. For something similar, this lighting bolt sweatshirt is pretty cool and this Chaser tee has glitter bolts

I did a temporary tuck so you can see my pants, which are the Athleta Brooklyn Ankle Pant. I love them so much, you guys. They're basically pajama pants that you can wear out into the world. Light as air and super comfortable. They also have a tuxedo stripe down the side that you can see here. I am definitely considering buying the grey plaid version at some point and the wide crop version also intrigues me. Details: 

So boring. I am just wearing the horn pendant necklace from my Madewell set because it's got a satisfying weight to it and it's fun to play with. No other jewelry because eh. However:

 I had to brave the grocery store this day so I thought I'd give you the whole thing. My very old (and, um, slightly tight in the arms) Madewell et Sezane jacket. For a current version, the Madewell Dispatch Jacket looks similarly cute with the big front pockets. My mask was made by and it's super soft and really well-made. (It's not as cute as my kitty mask which I posted on IG but it's nice to have options.) My shoes are the Day Glove flat by Everlane and I love them but please buy them on Poshmark or the like, because Everlane is a mess right now.

And finally, I am still very into my Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody with the Madewell webbing strap (which is on sale for $25 at Nordstrom! It's absolutely worth it, I promise.) One day I might switch my bag out but for now it's great to be hands-free for pandemic panic shopping. Hooray.


  1. You look cute as always :) I want to know more about your mask- like has it shrunk after washing? Assuming this is one of the ones that has a pocket for a filter, have you used that part of it? If so, what did you put in there? (I've heard people say you can put coffee filters in, but I haven't tried it myself)

    1. It did shrink slightly but is still plenty big! I'd guess it would be too big on me before washing. I haven't put a filter in the pocket yet because I need to research to find out what works best. A coffee filter sounds easy enough.

    2. After reading this we used blue shop towels since we had some in the garage.

    3. Thank you both for the info!


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