Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Beauty Talk: Sephora Sale, Anyone?

Hey, so, this was supposed to be a post about my great purchases from the Sephora Spring Savings Event, in which VIB members get a whopping 15% off their order. *insert eye roll* I keep a running shopping cart at Sephora so I can remember things I'm considering buying, like you do. But y'all, I am just not feeling it. I will probably buy the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream because they have a value set that comes with samples, but otherwise I'm coming up empty and the few things I wanted were out of stock. 

That said, I am firmly of the belief that buying a nice lipstick (or fun skincare set or whatever) can be very cheering, so I am going to make some suggestions for products that might cheer you up. ALSO, I know I've mentioned this lipstick a million times, but Sephora carries Kosas Weightless Lip Color and it's my current favorite.  Here are some other recommendations:


  1. Not feeling it lately either. I bought new face wash because I was out. Changed from my winter night cream to my summer moisturizer. That is about it.

  2. I always just buy hair stuff, but then I found out that Living Proof had discontinued my fave product, so now I'm not buying anything at all. That will show them!


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