Thursday, April 9, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: WFH Outfit and a Review!

YOU GUYS. THE SALES. THEY ARE BREAKING ME.  I had a bad week last week and let my guard down and some stress shopping happened. It just did. I will tell you about it but first, my WFH outfit:

I am still wearing jeans because... austerity measures. Leggings are a slippery slope! These are an older pair of Madewell skinny jeans that I thrifted and they are thankfully very stretchy. My top is the Zephyr Tee from Athleta. It's expensive, but y'all. It's comfortable and light and looks dressy. I also have the Zephyr shell. I love that whole line. Easy to care for and always looks sharp, even if you're wearing silver Birkenstocks. (I mean, metallic makes them fancy, right?)

Quick details! I'm wearing a Target necklace from last year but this one has a similar vibe and this one is the same shape, more or less! My evil eye earrings, which are hard to see, are Lulu Frost and are sold out!  This similar pair are super cool and I LOVE this pair as well. Now, let's get into it. I recently sold a couple of bags on Posh and felt like maybe that meant I could finally give into the Lo and Sons sale and give the crossbody a try: 

I mean, 40% off plus 15% off with code SUPPORTSMALLBUSINESS? I AM NOT MADE OF STONE, PEOPLE. I have been trying and failing to find my perfect smallish-but-not-too-small travel bag and I think this might be it: 

This is the Lo & Sons The Pearl crossbody. It comes in two different leather variations and a lot of different color/hardware/lining variations. I went classic and got the smooth nappa leather in black with gold hardware. I immediately loved it! It's well-made, looks expensive, and is carefully designed. It's got three compartments (two that fully zip), a bunch of little pockets inside and it holds a surprising amount. It comes with a crossbody strap and a wrist strap to convert it to a clutch but y'all know what I did almost immediately: 

That's right. The camera strap from my little Madewell transport bag works beautifully with The Pearl. I was SO HAPPY. This gives me so many great options if I'm ever allowed to leave the house again. If you're thinking about this bag - now is the time. And, one final thing: 

This dumb Chaser t-shirt needed to be mine because Last Call was basically giving it away. (They also have this one but I resisted.) Yes, it's pre-shredded and paint speckled but how could I not? The minute my last meeting ended, this shirt went on and stayed on. And with that, I am done. No more retail therapy for a while! My new hobby will be going through my closet and listing anything I'm not wearing anymore on Poshmark. One in, one out. Or three in, one out. Whatever.


  1. You made that bag 100 times more interesting by changing the strap!

  2. I bought a bra from a company that keeps sniping me on Instagram and I do not regret it for WFH purposes. Lively Cross Back Bralette. Comes in sizes for those more "blessed" than others.


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