Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Beauty Talk: A Tale of Two Serums. (And a tip!)

I have been pretty careful with my skincare lately because my face was doing that flare-up thing again (rosacea? Who know?) so I backed off everything for a few weeks. Once it settled down, I got back into a routine, but one that's more simple.

Before I tell you about it, though, I want to share a tip. I wish I could remember where on the Internets I read this, but somewhere I read that we aren't washing our face long enough. Like, you should be working that cleanser in for a full damn minute before rinsing it off. I decided to try this with my favorite balm cleanser by literally setting a timer and spending a full minute massaging my face with it. I can't swear to it, but I think it helps. My skin is clearer and the massage part helps to de-puff. I only do this at night, by the way, I'm not a monster.

NOW, serums. I have been using my Ghost Democracy Lightbulb serum consistently every night (I talked about it here) and I am starting to notice that it's working! I am looking slightly more glowy and my skin seems happier overall. In the morning I'm using my usual The Ordinary Buffet followed by the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. (Then moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.)

Because the weather is warming up and I'm spending more time outside, now is when I tend to back off retinols. I'm intrigued, though, by bakuchiol as a more gentle retinol alternative. My vitamin C serum has a small amount in it but I've been thinking maybe it's time to add a bakuchiol-specific serum into my routine. The one I'm most interested in is the Herbivore Bakuchoil serum but it's sold out everywhere. Has anyone tried it (or another bakuchiol serum?) It is available in this tempting set at Anthro but I don't really need all of those options, it's just too overwhelming.

What's your skincare routine been like lately? Do you give no fucks or are you leaning into a more complex routine?


  1. Gah my skin is like a toddler - one day, all the products are ok to use and I think I see progress. Two days later, its all horrible. I literally dont even know anymore.

  2. I tried all kinds of pricey rosacea- or sensitive-skin-specific products for my 'pink flareups' and nothing made a significant difference and some even seemed to make them worse. I now use basic moisturizers to keep my skin in good shape and for flare-ups: Aveeno Anti Itch Lotion with Calamine. The tiniest dot spread over the pink area makes it instantly look and feel better. It still comes back eventually, but it's the most dramatic effect I've seen. Might not work for everyone, but might be worth a try and it's good to have in the house anyway.

    1. Thanks! I will get some of that. I really don't know what my flare-ups are about, as I'm not normally flushed. I just get occasional flares of very hot, red cheeks. It feels like an allergic reaction but I haven't figured out all the triggers yet.

    2. I'm fascinated by this because I've been getting random hot, red cheeks as well. It feels like I have a fever + rash or something only on my face and then it's gone in a few hours. No idea when it started or why it continues, but I think it might have something to do with covid lockdown stress.

      I occasionally use BYBI Bakuchiol Booster w/ olive squalane. The first time I used it I used WAY too much and my whole face puffed up like I had the world's worst sunburn. But if I use it in reasonable amounts in other serums or moisturizers I really like it. You can get it at Credo.

    3. Amy, yep, that sounds like what happens to me and I think stress is definitely a trigger. I also get very flushed after exercise and have to be careful not to do much to my face until it calms down. I've also had a reaction like you described to various products, and it's awful. I am just really careful now about introducing new products and if my face is flaring up I only use tried-and-true gentle moisturizer (Avene).

  3. I've been using the inkey list bakuchiol along with the retinol plus, mornings, vitamin c powder (Real Vita C from Soko Glam) and it seems to have made a big difference. Though I think a lot of it is the Vitamin C, that's the the big change---I used retinol before this. Maybe it's just consistency? But I am 59 and frequently mistaken for under 40 (I don't know what they're smoking, but I'll take it)

  4. I'm realizing that my skin is more sensitive than I thought and I'd been over exfoliating it. I've stopped using BHA/AHAs and am trying a more gentle routine. I haven't felt like Vitamin C has done much in the past, so I'm trying the Ordinary EUK 134 + their Niacimide/Zinc serum in the morning and the Azealic Acid suspension at night, plus CeraVe lotion. Overall redness is going down but my nose is still red, so I'm considering the PC Calm serum. Has anyone tried that?

  5. I am going to look into the Aveeno lotion. I have terrible redness and the only thing that is left for me to try is laser therapy (not on my agenda). I don't wear makeup but I still wash at night then essence, serum, eye cream, moisture. I switched from winter time heavier night cream to summer moisturizer last week. I am trying to mask more now that I am forever home. Don't scrub. exfoliate in the mildest form possible, cool water rinses. Cold water if I get hot. I even did an elimination diet and cut out hot drinks and caffeine to see if it helped my redness. No deal. (FWIW, I did an at home scrub years back with chia seeds and a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with coconut oil and it was like I burned my skin with the lemon juice. So I have to avoid Vit C and only use mineral sunscreens. SIGH.


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