Thursday, April 2, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Leggings are Pants!

That's right folks, you heard it here: leggings are now pants. Forget everything you've been told and just wear your damn leggings if you want to. This is an outfit that I wore earlier this week - I am definitely wearing just a handful of my most comfy favorites but I also try to wear a little bit of jewelry and makeup every day just to keep from feeling like every day is a sick day, you know? 

I mean, this is one step from jammies if we're being honest (I am wearing a bra.) My lightning bolt thermal is from Anthro but it's sold out! This Blondie sweatshirt is the same brand and looks pretty cozy too. For something similar to my tee, I love this lightning bolt sweatshirt and this one is really cute too. This one is too much money but ugh, I love it. 

I threw my long Athleta hoodie over everything because it's been chilly lately. I love this hoodie so much but I've never worn it as often as I have in the past two weeks. It's an older version of the Triumph Long Hoodie but I also have the shorter version and it's great too. (BTW, everything at Athleta is 30% off today which is KILLING ME.) In this case, I wanted ass coverage so long version: 

It has zippered pockets for my Chapstick and a nice cozy collar. Oh! And my lipstick is Kosas Fringe which is just so pretty - an easy-to-wear red that is buildable. It cheered me up immediately. I then changed into sneakers so I could go out for a walk:

They are Nike Free RN, if you care. NOW, my leggings! These are the Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II Gravel 7/8 Tight (whew) and they are super comfy and very stretchy and the side pockets are big enough to hold my 8+ iPhone. They are also VERY high waisted: 

It just keeps going! The only beef I have with these leggings is that the waist band rolls down, but I'm short-waisted so I just live with it. They're great for yoga with cats and for marching around your neighborhood while not petting the local pups who don't understand why you don't want to be friends anymore *sob*. 

 Hey! Here it is all together. Whee. I am basically Athleta's bitch these days, but it's all the comfiest stuff I own, so that's how it goes. Details:

 I'm wearing an old necklace from Banana Republic (I think?) but this lariat necklace has a similar feel. My smaller necklace is my usual labradorite pendant similar to this one. (PS. the Dean Davidson tassel necklace I always link to is finally on sale!)

And lest I forget to talk about my MVP - my Birkenstock shearling clogs. Y'all, I cannot say enough good things about these clogs. I've worn them around the house every single day since I bought them and they have kept my feet comfortable and cozy every single day. They're sold out in this pale gray color but there are a few sizes left in a fun metallic silver! Zappos also has them in black and tan in a few sizes. They aren't really a purchase you're looking to make in April, I know, but keep them in mind next fall. 

That's it for today! I hope y'all are staying healthy and happy. 


  1. BTW, my Lo & Sons Seville Aire Shell arrived last night. Because some day I will travel again, nay, simply leave my house with a work bag. The Aire shell is so fantastic and brings the Seville tote to perfection. Extra pockets on the outside of the tote, with slip and zip pockets inside that outside pocket. YAY. And with the 40% Off plus extra 15% it was such a bargain. Couldn't find on Poshmark for that price! So good. Thank you for the push!

    1. Yay! I'm so pleased you were able to take advantage of that sale.