Tuesday, April 7, 2020

We Discuss: Denim Check In.

M: I have declared that Monday is “check in with your jeans day”

A: Um. Have fun with that


M: I can’t buy all new pants AGAIN when this is over

A: I just went to the grocery store which is enough suffering for a Monday

M: 😂

A: You look cute, though


A: Ugh, FINE

A: Don't I look happy? 

M: 😂

A: There was a bit of...shoe-horning

M: Mine left red marks. Humbling

A: Jeans. So rude. 


Outfit deets! 

Adrien: Jeans: Madewell Mid-Rise Skinny Crop (similar style) Top: Athleta Pure Luxe sweatshirt, Flats: Everlane (but maybe buy these instead), Necklace: Dean Davidson (similar on sale


  1. When I am anxious I lose my appetite - this is the silver lining of being Safe at Home. So I am eyeballing these BR jeans which seem so straightforward and great: https://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=550590002&cid=1153316&pcid=5030&vid=1&grid=pds_2_96_1#pdp-page-content

  2. I keep meaning to comment on this and forget. I have a weird torso so low rise fit me like mid rise and anything higher just scrapes my nipples. So I wear skinny jeans with stretch from The Buckle. Specifically their BKE line. I didn't even get my first pair of skinnies until last year. They also have some nice straight leg options.


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