Thursday, April 16, 2020

Outfit Of The Day: Dressing Like I've Got Somewhere To Go.

One of the things majorly bumming me out on a daily basis it my lack of motivation to put together cute outfits because WHAT IS THE POINT. However, it it also one of the things that makes me feel like a real human person, so every morning I strive to add in something new to the rotation - a favorite top I haven't worn in a while, a pair of shoes that isn't my Birkenstock clogs. I also make sure to put on a piece of jewelry, wear a tiny bit of makeup and maybe some perfume.  I was pretty much always doing this stuff for myself anyway, so why stop now? Anyway, here's what I'm wearing for a day of working from home:

 Hey, I didn't say it was super-flattering, but it feels like something I'd wear to work. I'm wearing a linen tee I bought at TJ Maxx the last time I visited Marianne. I can't find it online but this one at the Gap is pretty similar and this one at H&M! Linen is a little high maintenance but it feels dressier than your average cotton tee.

It definitely looks better tucked in but you can see by my face how I feel about that. My pants are the super-excellent Brooklyn Ankle Pant from Athleta. I've tried these on a few times and wasn't 100% sold but when they went on sale I went ahead and ordered them (assuming I'd probably return them) because my non-jeans/legging game is not tight and I needed a new option. They come in a bunch of solid colors and also an interesting grey plaid. Anyway, obviously I ended up keeping them and I'm really glad I did - they're comfy and light - perfect for spring/summer. I also love the tuxedo stripe down the side (which you'll see in a minute.) 

I added my new Lo&Sons bag with the Madewell strap because I feel complled to try it on once in a while (and I did use it for my weekly grocery run!) 

I ruined up the whole look with a hoodie because it's freaking cold in here. It's a really good hoodie though! This is my short Triumph Hoodie from Athleta and it's got a cozy zip up collar, thumbholes and zippy pockets. It's basically perfect. Details: 

More Madewell bling! I bought this necklace set a while ago when it was basically free. The set is cute together but I often wear the horn by itself. It's cute  and the quality is fine but I wouldn't pay more than $20ish for it (which is how much it is right now with the 40% off code.) 

This was mostly to show you the tuxedo stripe but I'm also wearing my Madewell leopard flats because I needed a Birkenstock break. The flats are nearly sold out but the leopard Alex Loafer are still in-stock and very on-sale! You're probably thinking, who's buying loafers right now? I don't know, but future you might be happy about it. 


  1. Yes to the Brooklyn ankle pant! My friends and I call them the magic pant. You look great!

  2. Do you take your normal size in the Brooklyn pant? Some reviews say to size down

    1. I'm between sizes at Athleta - sometimes I'm a 6, sometimes an 8. I went with an 8 in these because I wanted them to be a bit looser fitting, but I could probably have worn a 6 as well. Sorry, that doesn't really help much, I know!

    2. That's okay, I know it's tricky sometimes :) thanks for the info!