Friday, December 30, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.

Yep, Nordstrom is having a sale and there's some good stuff (minus the Nike sneakers I wanted that are sold out in my size. Sad face.) Add the sale price to 2% cash back from eBates for an even better deal. Here's what I like:

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Adrien: Festive Outfit. Yay.

This outfit is from last week but feels like a million years ago! I wore this to work and then out for a festive dinner with friends. And off we go:

This dress is from LOFT from last year and it's one of my favorites. I love the subtle leopard print and flare shape. They currently have a black short sleeved flare dress that's the same cut but there are so many cute dresses on sale at LOFT that I think you can do better! This crimson floral dress looks promising (and only $20! Read the reviews, though. It runs big.)

For some other leopard dress options I love this John and Jen dress with an oversized print and this Eliza J dress is not as subtle but still really dang cute. I also like this Anne Klein dress for it's unusual color.  On to details:

I'm carrying my vintage red LV epi speedy which is still my favorite bag, despite not being the most convenient. It's just fun and always gets compliments. I've attached my new faux fur pom! It brings joy. My excellent pyramid spike necklace, a gift from Kate, is from Banana Republic which has great festive jewelry options this season. (Most of which they're trying desperately to give away. I mean, this necklace is crazy fun, right? ) My wrap watch is La Mer and it's an old favorite.

Another view of my bag. If you're thinking of a red satchel, I gotta say this Costilde handbag at Yoox looks like a great deal. Under $100 for a fashion-forward red leather handbag? Can't beat that. And there's this one that's similar in price and shape but a smaller size.

My ankle boots are Vince Camuto Hadley and are a knockoff of the Rag and Bone Newbury. The VC Helyn style is really similar and suuuuper on sale.

Because short sleeves are annoying in winter, I threw on my old Laundry notched lapel blazer which worked well with this outfit. Rather than try to find something similar, I'm going to suggest you check out this tuxedo jacket at BR which is a total steal, as is this inverted collar blazer. These sales are going to kill me, you guys. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Anthropologie Tag Sale!

You guyyyyyys. Antho is having an amazing tag sale - an extra 40% off all sale items with code TAGTIME, plus an underwhelming 1% cash back with eBates. I checked out the sale in-store yesterday and managed to try on one dress that Marianne declared, "Very Stevie Nicks." So, yeah, it didn't work out for me because all this super-pretty boho stuff is just not my style. But! There are great deals to be had on jeans and house stuff (beauty deals are better in-store) and all the gin sweaters you could ever hope for.  I found a few pretty things I think are worth checking out:

I know I mentioned this dress before, but I think it's so pretty, a total bargain and yay for sleeves:

Since we're draping ourselves in velvet, this little blazer looks like just the thing to liven up your plain black dress. Instant winter fancy:

Y'all know how I am about ankle boots and this pair is a gorgeous goes-with-everything color:

If the velvet jacket isn't for you, what about this cute number with a fun detachable floof collar? 

And, if you are one of those people who buys up good bargains for future gifts, this little monogram pouch is just the cutest. A is for Adrien, by the way. 

Happy bargain shopping! And, if you have a local Anthro store, definitely check it out. I saw lots of things on the racks that aren't on the website anymore. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Festive AF

Glitter for everyone! This is just a list of things I think are festive af. Have a  great holiday, y'all. 

Thursday, December 22, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Crazy Shoes.

You guuuuuys. J.Crew has a great sale going on right now and some of the best crazy shoes are on sale and I can't have them. Like, these mary janes are my heart but I can't handle the heel height:

Aren't they beautiful? They are an extra 40% off the sale price! Same deal with these crazy snakeskin boots:

Only, they're an extra 50% off the sale price! They're not for everyone but if I could walk in heels like that they'd already be mine.

On a final (and more practical) note, would you please buy these chelsea rain boots?

They are SO CUTE and only $39!! Edit: More sizes have been added! Yesterday they only had size 7.

Run! Get the crazy shoes!

The Spirit of Hot Dude Christmas, Part Two.

(Part One is here.)

A: I can’t stop thinking about this movie. He was a ghost. He was dead.

M: He was earthworm food.

A: Right. You don’t get to un-ghost.

M: It's not a CHOICE.

A: You are DEAD, DUDE. Your body is no more.

M: You know what? I think I'd like to be not dead.

A: I am tired of being a rotting corpse. I shall undo.

M: I think it would be fun to live to bone in the 21st century.

A: Apparently that’s tote possible.

A: The magic of Chrimmus and all.

M: Chrimmus boneing.

A: You just have to really want it.

M: I need you to watch this movie.

M: Sorry

M: It's on Netflix.

A: Okay, I will do this for you.

M: Thank you


A: He's most definitely immediately dead.

M: Straight away.

A: Karen's name is Kate, btw.

M: Kate, Karen, whatever.

A: Karen staying alone in this inn is totally contrived.

M: She's a property appraiser.






A: She's actually a lawyer, so, even dumber.

M: I was pretty fuzzy on the details.

A: Hot ghost is rull hot.

A: And so cranky.

M: Sooooo cranky.

A: Still zero reason for her to stay there.

M: None reason.

A: And she's been there for days!


A: I have to say, his high-and-tight, jaunty vest, and penchant for mixing vintage cocktails makes him more of a hot hipster ghost than old timey ghost.

M: Oh 100%

A: OMG, the convo with the caretaker about how he can't get with Karen because of his "circumstances.” DUDE YOU ARE DEAD.

M: Circumstances being no body.

A: Oop, Karen just unghosted him with her magical Christmas kiss. ✨

A: Oop, his cranky ghost gf is all, "okay, I guess."

M: Sorry dead girl I have a live girl now.

A: I watched that entire movie.

M: Yeah you did.

A: He was super hot.

M: Insanely hot even with a dubious haircut.

A: I enjoyed the completely gratuitous shirtless scene.

M: And the random bar tending.

A: That was...odd.

M: It was all written in a fever dream.


M: Hipster af.

A: Ghost gf was rolling her eyes.

M: She sees how it is.

M: She knows where his beard is waxed.

A: Heh

A: Just so we're clear, not watching any of your recs ever again.

M: What is wrong with you.

A: There was a side plot where his dead gf married his brother because she was pregnant. Or something.

M: It's not important!

A: Goddammit

M: I thought for sure she would end up with his identical great great grandson.

M: After he passed on.

A: Oh! THAT would be a plot twist.

M: All that time spent on the baby that turned out to be his.

M: Like he is gone then identical baby shows up to love her.

M: I should write this shit

A: Marianne. Nobody should write this shit.

M: Except me

M: Thomas Ernest Marius Beaudoin

M: Marianne Ernest Marius Beaudoin

A: Girl, stop

M: Be cool




A: If Karen wants to bone hipster undead, fine with me.

A: Lort, it's so dumb.

M: I want to meet the people behind it all.

A: Haaa

M: All gold.

A: This movie is a gift.

M: Told you.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Adrien: Weekend Winter Uniform.

I think I probably use the word "uniform" around here a lot but I do tend to gravitate towards a certain look on the weekends. This outfit it pretty typical of my weekend look, which is super-casual but (I think) not boring or lazy: 

I'm wearing one of my Everlane cashmere v-neck sweaters which are such a staple - comfortable and warm and just the right amount of slouch. Everlane also has a cashmere crew sweater that's really well-priced for the the quality and comes in some nice colors. Alllll the sweaters. I want them. Especially this one which never goes on sale. 

My jeans are from Old Navy from last year. I wore them a lot last winter and one of the knee patches started to come unsewn so rather than fix them I just put them away and completely forgot about them. Good work, dummy. They're fixed now and I love them all over again. Amusingly, they're still on the site (but only if you're a size 2.) But! H&M has a cute pair and Gap has a pair that's...not quite as cute but they redeem themselves with this pair that I really like. If you don't mind spending a bit more, Madewell has you covered.  On to details: 

I'm wearing my new favorite necklace that was a really nice gift from Mima over at InfinEight Geometric/Organic Jewelry. I find her design aesthetic spare and intriguing all at once. I have her Vertex necklace and whenever I wear it people notice it. This new one I'm wearing is the Frost necklace and it reminds me of a crystal necklace I had in high school. Right now Mima is offering free shipping in her shop with code LOOKSGOOD just for you guys, so please check out her shop

On my wrist are the usual suspects - my CLUSE La Boheme watch and Giles & Brother railroad spike cuff. And hey, what's that clipped to my MBMJ bag

Hooray, an early Christmas gift from Kate! It's a fur pom keychain from Anthro. It's like having a tiny pet tribble with you all the time. I'm partial to mine but you can also get one with ears and this one comes in fun colors. Express has some cute pom options as well and there's also this thing. I don't know, you guys. Just go with it. 

Oh, and my sneakers are Nike Internationalists and I love them so much I'm still thinking about another pair. How cute is this red colorway? This cobalt/blue pair is also tempting. And I'm still thinking about Kim France's Nikes (in the darkest colorway) that have the cool stitching on them. 

Annnnd, it's winter. I've been wearing my new Cole Haan down coat a lot and it's such a nice change from heavy wool coats. (Check Marshalls! That's where I bought it.) The silver color is also a nice change from black and it seems to work with my crazy scarves. The blue leopard scarf I'm wearing is old but this one is way cuter anyway. Right? Right.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We Discuss The Spirit of Hot Dude Christmas.

M: By the way I watched the most amazing movie last night.

A: Oh, do tell.

M: It's a Lifetime movie called The Spirit of Christmas.

A: No.

M: We open in Ye Olden Days where a dude is murdered straight away.

A: Well, that is very Spirit of Christmas.

M: Then flash forward to the present where a flustered property appraiser (yes that is her job) is being flustered and getting a promotion because she has no life.

A: This sounds very not compelling.

M: Then she gets a job--an old inn in the country needs to be appraised before it can be sold.

A: Oh no.

M: And for some reason, this requires her staying AT the old, empty inn.

A: Molly, you in danger, girl.

M: Which the caretaker warns her against! Because it is HAUNTED.


M: But not by any ghost, a ghost that turns into a real person for the 12 days before Christmas.

M: Spoiler alert: he's hot.

A: Oh my God. No.



M: So our flustered property appraiser whose name I can't remember but let's call her Karen. She's a redhead of course.

M: She meets the hot ghost and he's a total crank!

A: Pls hold, looking for the ghost emoji.

M: He is always locking her out of the inn, picking her up in his amazing arms.

A: πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»

A: So, like he’s the ghost Luke to her Lorelai.

M: He also makes a mean drink.

A: What even. You made this movie up.

M: So Karen decides she needs to help the ghost solve the mystery of his death so he can pass on and she can appraise this dang inn because her boss is pretty mad she's still up there!

A: Sorry, too busy banging the hot ghost.

M: Hijinks ensue.

A: Sorry, too busy banging the hot ghost FOR REALS.

M: In the end she helps him solve his mystery which involves being a rum runner and being murdered by his cousin.

A: Oh boy.

M: And then

M: It's time for him to "pass on"

M: After they kiss though.

M: And there's a dance?

A: They always ghost in the end.

M: I'm hazy on the details.

A: πŸ‘»❤️🍻

M: And Plot Twist!

A: Oh shit!

M: He decides he doesn't want to be a ghost anymore!

M: Because that's how it works I guess!

A: But he still dead.


M: Nope

A: That is NOT how that works.

M: And I guess she gets fired and they live at the inn forever the end.





A: Seriously, tho, he is really hot.

M: SO HOT. And he speaks French. God bless us everyone.

A: Yes. That.

(Part Two is here.)

Monday, December 19, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Anthropologie Sale!

Good deal at Anthro right now: Enjoy 30% off full-price and sale clothing, shoes and accessories, plus 20% off full-price & sale beauty and home items, in stores and online for a limited time. (No code, discount is automatic) add 1% cash back from eBates for a marginally better deal. Heh.

There are a lot of ways you could play this. From the sale rack, I think this velvet shirtdress* is awfully pretty and would be a great holiday party dress because festive-with-sleeves is basically a unicorn these days. And 20% off beauty is not nothing, especially since Anthro carries some interesting brands like Sunday Riley and Indie Lee,

And sure, you can use this discount on holiday gifts (assuming you’re a procrastinator like me) but wouldn’t you rather buy these?

I KNOW RIGHT. I'm dying. I LOVE THEM. They are the Bowiest boots that ever existed, right?

Just me? Okay, fine. Be that way. How about these instead:

I mean, suede glitter booties! They’re not inexpensive but I’m feeling very Treat Yo Self today which is dangerous, so I’m counting on you to buy fun booties so I don’t have to. That is all.

*Paula, you know you want this.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell For Procrastinators.

Madewell has a procrastinator’s sale going on! 25% off everything with code LATEBIRD plus 3% cash back with eBates.  Here's what I like (though I neglected to included any of the awesome llamas which I guess are the new owl? I'm okay with that.)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Adrien: August-December Dress.

The last time I wore this Aritzia dress was back in August (sob) when I commented that it's really more of a tunic and was probably too short to wear without tights or leggings underneath. So now I'm wearing it all tunic style: 

This is the Aritzia Babaton Bennett Dress, purchased via eBay because that's how I roll. It's a really nice thing, this tunic. Made of silk, really pretty and comfortable. I have my eye on this very similar blue silk shirtdress at Grana because it has long sleeves and that color! I also wouldn't mind having something more casual in a plaid, like this Madewell dress. This denim version by French Connection also has it's appeal and Old Navy has a version that's definitely got more length.

I'm wearing my Zella Live In leggings which everyone seems to love and I think are fine. They're not too expensive and they're great quality (and opaque) but they do slide down a bit. I'm pretty fond of my high-waisted Athleta leggings which are similar but do a better job of staying put. Oh! And this has nothing to do with anything but my super favorite winter workout leggings are back at Gap. They are cute, right? Details:

I'm wearing my BR scarab pendant from last year. It's long sold out but there are similar options on Etsy and isn't this necklace pretty? The only cool critter jewelry BR has right now is this snake brooch. Eep! I love it. My watch is a Cluse La Boheme and I'm wearing my Bijouone screw cuff bracelet.

My Andrea Brueckner satchel is also really old but this Zac Zac Posen bag at TJ Maxx would be a very nice similar option and this Gabriella Rocha bag would be a great bargain pick. My boots are Vince Camuto Hadley and they're pretty much gone, but the Feina style looks similar as does the Helyn.

This is my new coat! It's Cole Haan by way of Marshalls and I love how lightweight it is. I've pretty much given up on my wool coats, down is so much more comfortable! It's available on Amazon but for quite a bit more than I paid, so if you're interested, definitely check Marshalls first. Also, this one at TJ Maxx is pretty dang cute. My sparkly scarf is from a PopSugar box from last year and it's really fun! There's one eBay* auction selling it for basically nothing. Just saying. 

*not my auction! Ask questions, etc.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

OMG Gift Guide: Random Stuff I Really Like.

Another Gift Guide? Seriously? I'M SORRY. I just keep coming up with ideas and it's way more fun than talking about what I'm wearing today. This is going to be a mixed bag of stuff I personally really like and every single thing is under $25 because SERIOUSLY WHY ARE WE SPENDING SO MUCH. Okay:

S'Well Bottle

My friend Ashley gave me one of these last year and they are really popular on the campus where I work. Great colors, all stainless steel, doesn't leak and keeps my water cold for hours. Plus, it's a very pleasing shape! Mine is the medium sized but the cute 9oz is right at $25 and is the perfect size for stashing in your purse. It comes in all kinds of fun colors and in woodgrain!

Agent18 Glitter iPhone Case

My phone case is this one by Rifle Paper Co and it's slightly out of the price range, but Kate just got a seriously amazing case with floating glitter and I'm obsessed with it. It's entrancing. I am not even exaggerating, watch the video. Ooooh. Floaty star glitter. Aaaahhh.

L'Occitane Creme Mains Hand Cream - Vanilla Bouquet

I love the regular L'Occitane hand cream but recently tried the vanilla scented version and it's so nice! I am very picky about fragrance and this isn't too cloying or strong. Just warm, slightly sweet and subtle. It also comes in a little trio set in a cute little yellow tin (which is only slightly over-budget.)

Charley Harper Calendar with stickers

Calendars can seem like an impersonal gift, but nobody would feel that way if the calendar is Charley Harper. I buy myself one every year for my office and this one comes with three giant pages of Charley Harper stickers which are amazing. Otters! Cardinals! Racoons! Owls! Squirrels! Eep!

Microplane Soft-Handle Zester Graters

If you have to buy a gift for someone who cooks or is learning to cook or loves to make cocktails and they are still using the sad side of their box grater to zest things? Get them this microplane immediately. It's life-changing. It obviously zests like a boss and also works great for ginger root, garlic and parmesan cheese. (A note: It's sharp and really, really hurts when you slip and zest your hand but still totally worth it.) If they already have one, might I suggest a pair of OXO locking tongs? They are also crucial to life.

Bombas Socks

All my gym socks are Bombas ankle because once you start wearing them, you can't imagine not wearing anything else.  (They also work great with my new ankle boots because the blister tab keeps them from slipping down in the back.) They make men's and women's styles in a variety of great colors and for every pair they sell, they donate a pair! I really just can't recommend them enough. Plus! If you purchase through my link you get 25% off your first order. Yay.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Adrien: This Is Not A Gift Guide.

An actual outfit post! I managed to put clothes on my body and take photos of it for your gawking purposes. I'm really selling it, aren't I? Anyway! I wore this last week and I think it looked pretty good:

My wrap dress is DVF and I looooove the print, though I'm not sure if this particular wrap dress is the most flattering on me. This print tho! DVF is obviously known for her beautiful silk jersey wrap dresses. This wrap dress is the prettiest mulberry color and this combo print dress is right up my alley. 

But...even on sale, they're expensive. While I don't think wrap dresses are as universally flattering as we're led to believe, they are awfully forgiving and you don't have to spend a mint to find a nice one. This BR watercolor print dress has potential and I love the print on this Liz Claiborne dress. Also, this cute BCBG wrap dress is marked down and so is this one, which is gorgeous. The real winner though is Ann Taylor who currently has a bunch of pretty wrap dresses 50% off

To avoid freezing to death I'm wearing brown/black reversible Spanx tights and threw on my Grana cardigan which I'm sorry to say has sold out. They do have a v-neck sweater in this color, though! For something similar, LOFT has a boyfriend cardigan in a few different colors and I love this cheerful cobalt blue cardigan at Banana. I want all the cardigans, y'all. Details: 

My mom gave me this cool necklace years ago (I think maybe she made it?) and it's great to look at but uncomfortably poke-y to wear. This NY & Co bib necklace is similar and probably more comfortable and this one by Giles & Brother might or might not be comfortable but it's really cool! Also, you totally get me, Alexis. I talked about my Bijouone screw cuff bracelet last week but I still totally love it. 

Bag and boots! I love wearing a blue bag with this dress because it pops out the blue in the pattern. My bag is MBMJ and it can occasionally be found on eBay. (There's a satchel version listed right now*) For other blue bag options, I think this Cole Haan bag looks awfully nice and this vegan hobo by Matt & Nat is a really good shade of blue. My bargain pick is this cool Blugirl bag at Yoox

Oh, my boots! They're Loeffler Randall Matilde and I bought them on eBay. (If someone can figure out what size this pair is* it's a bargain!) If you hunt down a pair, look for the ones made in Italy. They're better. True story. 

*Not my eBay auction! Please do your research and ask questions before bidding. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Gift Guide: YAY BOOKS.

For the past few years I've conveniently forgotten this is a personal style blog and have written the gift guide I most want to write: Books! Books make great gifts. Nothing makes me happier or more content than a stack of promising new books to read and I'm pretty sure most of you feel the same way. So, here are my suggestions for this year:

New Favorites:

The Ocean and the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
I picked this up at the library on Kate's suggestion because she thought I'd like it.  I trust her opinon and I’d never read any Neil Gaiman, so yay. It’s wonderful. A dark fairy tale, beautifully written, that really focuses on memory and the powerlessness of childhood. I liked it so much that I’m now reading Neverwhere.

Lily and the Octopus by Steven Rowley
I read this recently and I’m not going to lie - it’s more than a little bit devastating but absolutely worth reading. It's about love and grief and goes to some weird places but comes back again with a very satisfying conclusion. I found the characterization of Lily (who is a dachshund) completely charming and it kept me fully invested.

The Martian by Andy Weir 
Did you see the movie?  I liked the movie but I loved the book. It’s easy to read, surprisingly funny, and suspenseful even if you already know what happens. I’m not a space nerd and I had no problem getting into it but if you have a space nerd in your life who hasn’t read it, definitely buy a copy for him or her.

Old Favorites:

In The Woods by Tana French
I was surprised that I hadn’t included this in one of my previous book gift guides! I’ve enjoyed all of Tana French’s books but I think the first two are the strongest. They’re part police procedural and part psychological mystery with a tiny element of supernatural thrown in. In The Woods (the first in the series)  is beautiful in it’s details and French's writing style just sucks me in. Highly recommend. (Warning: The ending is controversial but the devil, so to speak, is in the details. You’ll see.)

Cold Comfort Farm
This is a odd little classic that everyone should read. It’s a ridiculously funny parody of gloomy rural English doom novels (Hardy and the like) and it just gets funnier the more you read it. The movie (starring a nearly unrecognizable Kate Beckinsale) is good too.

National Velvet, by Enid Bagnold
I always include a childhood favorite! This is an oddly dreamy book and very much not your typical little-girl-and-horse story. I loved it as a kid because it was strange and old fashioned and full of British slang I didn't understand. I love it as an adult because it's an interesting slice of life from the English rural 1930s and more about the struggle of growing up than it is about a horse race. (I suggest buying a used hardback version with illustrations by Paul Brown. It's my favorite edition.)

Books on my Wishlist:

Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders
This definitely seems like the kind of book you could give to almost anyone on your list and it would be well-received. It definitely appeals to me. I mean, glowworm caves? Hell yeah. And shoutout to the Great Stalacpipe Organ in Virginia!

Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain
I don’t have this and I really, really want it. I just love Bourdain’s no-bullshit attitude and the recipes in this book (those that he thinks everyone should know how to cook) are exactly the kind of things I like to make. Nothing super complicated, just good home cooking. There’s also this gem regarding insufferable foodie message board commenters:

“You know what? If Jacques PΓ©pin tells you this is how you make a fucking egg? The matter is settled, fuck nuts. Now go back to arguing about Bundt cake recipes.”

Marry, me Bourdain.

Just in case you're curious: here are links to my book gift guides from 2015 and 2014. Please let me know your favorites!