Monday, December 5, 2016

Can't Stop Won't Stop.

M: many pairs of sequined joggers have YOU looked at since we last talked?

A: Um. Four. Maybe five. Okay, six.

M: I have no fewer than five tabs open right now. However these just came up in my search, and SOLD.

A: Wow. I like that they give you helpful wearing options:

For Yoga, Maternity, Casual, For Summer or Autumn, Hammer Time, Beach, Street Dance, day-to-day relaxation,you can wear it around the house and travel.

A: I might have edited it slightly.

M: I seem to have been led astray.

M: Also I'm getting ads for yoga AND rave wear now, so.

A: That is a bargain and I think you need to focus.

M: Help.

A: Girl, NO. But these tho:

M: Those are baggier than I want. I think I want more of a sequin pant? Legging? Something to wear with a big cozy gin sweater.

your gin is waiting

A: I'm sorry, did you not start this conversation with Hammer pants?

M: I'm easily distracted. Ooh:

M: Oooh.


A: I found these and I love them but they're too many dollars:

A: This pair is for or when you want to wear sequins, but also blend in:

M: Yes those are very subtle.

A: I mean, CAMO SEQUINS. Duh.

M: Well I've gone and done it. I ordered the Nasty Gal leggings because they have a high waist and will actually be long enough and I'll wear them to all three holiday parties I'm invited to. And work. And pre-lounge. Done.

A: Yay! Please to post on Instagram because I'm bumming everyone out with my puffer coat. I have completely failed.

M: I can't say this is my MOST practical purchase.

A: Uh, pre-lounge? Work? Party wear? Practical doesn't even begin to describe them.

M: I really do need some pre-lounge pants. And apres-lounge.

A: I'm suddenly feeling bleak and sequinless.

M: I'm sorry for your loss.

A: *sigh*


  1. I feel that you need to read Jill Soloway's Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants right away. Available at your local library. :-)

  2. Damn! Now I feel like I need these for the upcoming ugly sweater pub crawl...

  3. I did not even know shiny pants were a thing - how did they make it to so many stores, so quickly????

  4. Five years ago, I pinned this:

    How have I not bought sequin leggings yet?? Maybe this is the year. I don't have any fancy holiday parties to go to, so...New Year's loungewear at my parents' house it is.

    Marianne, please do Instagram your holiday outfits you come up with!

  5. Okay--you ladies did it. I bought some black sequin leggings. I couldn't find any silver ones in my size that I liked but dang it imma keep searching! My legs need to be shiny at all times!

  6. Am I the only one reminded of Sandy from Grease? You're the one that I want...

  7. Ok, there were two reviews on those harem (hammer) pants meaning at least two people actually bought them.

    Somehow the sequin leggings do seem workable?!? What is that magic?

    1. They do! I don't really understand it, but I want some.


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