Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Adrien: Weekend Winter Uniform.

I think I probably use the word "uniform" around here a lot but I do tend to gravitate towards a certain look on the weekends. This outfit it pretty typical of my weekend look, which is super-casual but (I think) not boring or lazy: 

I'm wearing one of my Everlane cashmere v-neck sweaters which are such a staple - comfortable and warm and just the right amount of slouch. Everlane also has a cashmere crew sweater that's really well-priced for the the quality and comes in some nice colors. Alllll the sweaters. I want them. Especially this one which never goes on sale. 

My jeans are from Old Navy from last year. I wore them a lot last winter and one of the knee patches started to come unsewn so rather than fix them I just put them away and completely forgot about them. Good work, dummy. They're fixed now and I love them all over again. Amusingly, they're still on the site (but only if you're a size 2.) But! H&M has a cute pair and Gap has a pair that's...not quite as cute but they redeem themselves with this pair that I really like. If you don't mind spending a bit more, Madewell has you covered.  On to details: 

I'm wearing my new favorite necklace that was a really nice gift from Mima over at InfinEight Geometric/Organic Jewelry. I find her design aesthetic spare and intriguing all at once. I have her Vertex necklace and whenever I wear it people notice it. This new one I'm wearing is the Frost necklace and it reminds me of a crystal necklace I had in high school. Right now Mima is offering free shipping in her shop with code LOOKSGOOD just for you guys, so please check out her shop

On my wrist are the usual suspects - my CLUSE La Boheme watch and Giles & Brother railroad spike cuff. And hey, what's that clipped to my MBMJ bag

Hooray, an early Christmas gift from Kate! It's a fur pom keychain from Anthro. It's like having a tiny pet tribble with you all the time. I'm partial to mine but you can also get one with ears and this one comes in fun colors. Express has some cute pom options as well and there's also this thing. I don't know, you guys. Just go with it. 

Oh, and my sneakers are Nike Internationalists and I love them so much I'm still thinking about another pair. How cute is this red colorway? This cobalt/blue pair is also tempting. And I'm still thinking about Kim France's Nikes (in the darkest colorway) that have the cool stitching on them. 

Annnnd, it's winter. I've been wearing my new Cole Haan down coat a lot and it's such a nice change from heavy wool coats. (Check Marshalls! That's where I bought it.) The silver color is also a nice change from black and it seems to work with my crazy scarves. The blue leopard scarf I'm wearing is old but this one is way cuter anyway. Right? Right.

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  1. I love my furry pom keychain! Mine is from Stella & Dot and it has 3 small ones in different colors.