Thursday, December 8, 2016

Adrien: It's a Process.

Ah, winter. Gone are the days of throwing on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and calling yourself dressed. Now you have to navigate a process similar to suiting up for a deep-sea dive. I might be slightly exaggerating but some days it feels like that. To start:

I'm wearing my Everlane Slouchy Cashmere V-Neck which now comes in a million colors, half of which I want badly. But, I am also seeing a regular Cashmere V-Neck which is described as "relaxed" and costs less and there's the Cashmere Crew, which is even less than that. What's going on, Everlane? 

With the sweater I'm wearing my Fidelity Sola jeans which might be my favorite purchase this year. They never stretch out and they're the exact right amount of real damn tight. Yep. I'm pretending that Fidelity also doesn't make the grey coated jeans of my dreams because I need to eat, y'all. And! They make a jogger jean that doesn't even make sense but I kind of like them and WHEN WILL THIS TYRANNY END.  Ahem. Moving on:

This outfit was last Saturday so I added my favorite little weekend bag - my Cambridge Satchel Co. twist lock satchel. It doesn't appear to be on sale right now, but this Cambridge pushlock version is the same size and color for quite a bit less. Also! If you want something similar but not so structured, check out the mini sized Madewell Transport crossbody. *heart eye emoji*

I continued my layering with an great leopard scarf because nothing works quite like leopard to un-boring an outfit. Mine is from Ann Taylor but this one at NR is cashmere and really pretty. I also love this more traditional leopard print and ooh, this one at Mango is nearly identical to mine and only $25!

Bitchface for the coat. It's not a pretty jacket but I wear it a lot because it's warm and lightweight. Columbia is a great option if you don't want to shell out for The North Face or Patagonia. This one is basically what I have but I'll admit this one by The North Face is what I wish I had. Wait! This is what I have but there's only one left in the world and it's purple. Heh. Details: 

I'm wearing my beaded pointy necklace from Banana which has a similar cousin over at Macys. I also like this BR Pretty Tough necklace which is not really similar, but kinda? And there's always the Giles & Brother railroad spike pendant (on sale!) My Bijouone screw cuff bracelet is a new purchase and I'm so happy with it. I'll admit upfront that it's a shameless knockoff of Miansai but I've pushed aside my personal shame and I've been wearing it a lot. 

Another view of my Cambridge Satchel Co bag and my Madewell chelsea boots. There are only a few sizes in stock but hopefully they'll restock. In the meantime, J.Crew has a pair, Gap has a pair, and Nordstrom has all the pairs. Yay for boots, right? 

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