Thursday, December 15, 2016

Adrien: August-December Dress.

The last time I wore this Aritzia dress was back in August (sob) when I commented that it's really more of a tunic and was probably too short to wear without tights or leggings underneath. So now I'm wearing it all tunic style: 

This is the Aritzia Babaton Bennett Dress, purchased via eBay because that's how I roll. It's a really nice thing, this tunic. Made of silk, really pretty and comfortable. I have my eye on this very similar blue silk shirtdress at Grana because it has long sleeves and that color! I also wouldn't mind having something more casual in a plaid, like this Madewell dress. This denim version by French Connection also has it's appeal and Old Navy has a version that's definitely got more length.

I'm wearing my Zella Live In leggings which everyone seems to love and I think are fine. They're not too expensive and they're great quality (and opaque) but they do slide down a bit. I'm pretty fond of my high-waisted Athleta leggings which are similar but do a better job of staying put. Oh! And this has nothing to do with anything but my super favorite winter workout leggings are back at Gap. They are cute, right? Details:

I'm wearing my BR scarab pendant from last year. It's long sold out but there are similar options on Etsy and isn't this necklace pretty? The only cool critter jewelry BR has right now is this snake brooch. Eep! I love it. My watch is a Cluse La Boheme and I'm wearing my Bijouone screw cuff bracelet.

My Andrea Brueckner satchel is also really old but this Zac Zac Posen bag at TJ Maxx would be a very nice similar option and this Gabriella Rocha bag would be a great bargain pick. My boots are Vince Camuto Hadley and they're pretty much gone, but the Feina style looks similar as does the Helyn.

This is my new coat! It's Cole Haan by way of Marshalls and I love how lightweight it is. I've pretty much given up on my wool coats, down is so much more comfortable! It's available on Amazon but for quite a bit more than I paid, so if you're interested, definitely check Marshalls first. Also, this one at TJ Maxx is pretty dang cute. My sparkly scarf is from a PopSugar box from last year and it's really fun! There's one eBay* auction selling it for basically nothing. Just saying. 

*not my auction! Ask questions, etc.

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