Friday, December 9, 2016

Cute Boy Friday: The Matthews

M: Have you watched The Wine Show

A: No, I haven’t heard of it

M: Has a bit of the GBBO to it

A: Ooooh, do tell

M: It’s on Hulu


M: Lots of pretty travel stuff

M: Dammit get Hulu

A: Matthew Goode is on the Wine Show? WHAT.

M: Yes!!!


A: I’ll have to get Hulu over the holidays so I can watch it

M: We can watch next time you're here

A: Oh, yes! Even better

M: The Matthews are cute

A: This show is girl porn

M: Totally

A: Climb Goode like a sapling tree

M: Rhys has his appeal too

A: Definitely

M: And drink wine


A: I mean, I love wine and cute boys and watching TV with you

M: It's a venn diagrammatically perfect show

A: It seriously is

A: CuteBoys/Wine/Glamorous Scenery: HappyGoodTimes

M: Win win win

M: They call him Reese-y

A: Adorable

A: If they threw in some cookies or something

M: It's early yet

M: Oh god they are so cute

M: All cheeky

A: *happy sigh*

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  1. I'm more of a Rhys girl, but I find both of them enormously appealing. I watch this when my husband watches that dour Daredevil show.