Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gift Guide: 10 Gifts Under $25 from Anthropologie.

Oh yes, it's that time of year when you're slapped in the face with blogger gift guides! Peppermint lattes for everyone! In truth, writing holiday gift guides helps me find gifts for people in my own actual life, so if I must suffer through it, so must you. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. That's why I went for the low gift amount of $25 because unless you reaaaaally like someone, that seems like a reasonable amount to spend on an adult. Let's do this:

When shopping for a gift at Antho I ask myself the old question, "what would I enjoy but wouldn't buy for myself?"  I think a seriously pretty agate bottle opener answers that question. I mean, who would really need such a thing?

But, also, who wouldn't? It's so pretty and frivolous and would fancy up any home bar. 

Next I'm going to recommend a mug, but not just any old mug. I've pretty much given everyone I know one of these awesome monogram mugs so it's time to up the game. With Llamas

RIGHT? If you have someone in your life who wouldn't love a llama mug (or narwhal or unicorn) just don't give that person anything. I mean it. The nice thing about mugs-as-gifts is that you can fill them with candy or mini booze bottles or cookies or whatever. It's a gift that holds a gift. 

Next, a zodiac candle

SNL did a bit on candle gifts last weekend and I get it - giving someone a dusty peach-scented Yankee Candle is really the best way to tell them exactly how much you despise them. BUT, giving someone a fancy zodiac candle in a beautiful container? That says, "I like you enough to remember your birthday." which is pretty special. Just go with it. 

Now, let's talk about hand lotion:

I pretty much never buy super-fancy lotion for myself (okay, occasionally L'Occitane) so I'd be pretty happy if someone gave me some really nice hand lotion, especially if it was rosemary mint in a hipstery apothecary bottle. 

Now, I'm going to make a suggestion that'll only work for someone you know well, because you can't just buy makeup for anyone. This Face Stockholm red lipstick though:

Right? If that isn't the perfect red lipstick, I don't know what is. I also very much enjoy the sleek packaging.  

Since we're being frivolous, I have to point out that every time I'm in Anthro I can't keep my little grubby mitts off these little fur pom keychains

Seriously, they are delightful and I have it on good authority that I'm getting one for Christmas. It didn't hurt that Kate said, "You know, when I was in Paris I saw these everywhere. Everyone had them." ORLY. (Yes, I am that impressionable.) 

Okay, hey. Let's take a break for a minute and talk about you. You know what you need? Guess. I'll wait. Nothing? Hm. Fine, I'll tell you then. YOU NEED A SEQUINED PELICAN ORNAMENT

What? You don't think so? You really think you don't need this? Uhhhhhh:

IT HAS A GLITTER FISH. A GLITTER FISH IN ITS BEAK. YOU NEED THIS. I'm starting to get upset. I'm going to move on. 

I haven't fallen prey to the adult coloring book thing (yet) but I totally get how it's fun and relaxing and I'd be pretty delighted if someone gave me the fashiony Vogue coloring book:

Related, I'd also be ridiculously happy if someone gave me this gloriously fun set of colored pencils:

It's a like the fancy adult version of school supplies but even better because HOW PRETTY. Also pretty, basically anything by the Rifle Paper Co who incidentally makes my favorite iPhone case. They also make adorable desk calendars which would make a fantastic gift: 

This one is for the traveler in your life and there's also an Alice in Wonderland version that's under $25! Rifle also makes gorgeous gift wrap and holiday cards. Just saying. I'm going to stop now and take a nap. Good luck with your shopping! Get yourself a sequin pelican!


  1. Thank you for putting together a reasonably priced gift guide!!! I always get kinda irked at gift guides that contain things in the hundreds of dollars - like who's spending that much on anyone?!

  2. Okay, I love that pelican, but if I buy it I'm going to have a fight with my five year old son for it.

  3. Pretty sure that llama mug is being sent to my seeeester immediately. Thanks for a great guide.


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