Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Outfit of the Day: A Week in WFH Style.

The title is not entirely accurate as I only have four days of outfits to show you. I've been trying to get in the habit of taking a photo of what I'm wearing every day even if it's not particularly good or interesting. I mostly dress for comfort at home but it definitely makes me feel better and more productive if wearing an actual outfit rather than just my lounge clothes. Here are my outfit from the past four workdays:

I had meetings yesterday so I decided to dress like a damn adult. I'm wearing my Madewell eyelet top (similar here) with a very, very old J.Crew locket necklace (sorta similar!) My pants are Lululemon On The Fly and I thrifted them (I also have a pair in black) because those jerks stopped making them. They are SO GOOD. I wear a size up from my normal size in these, just FYI. I think the Athleta Brooklyn pant is very similar and also very good! My sandals are the Madewell Maggie in leopard from last summer and they don't get enough love, so I've been trying to wear them more. 

No meetings this day so my favorite Bowie tee with an older pair of Madewell Cali Demi Boot jeans. I'd just gotten another (I know) pair of M.Gemi clogs in the mail, a total steal from Poshmark. This pair is shearling-lined and they are amazing. I literally wore them around the house all day because they were so comfy. Obviously I don't need fleece-lined clogs in August but November Me is going to be very grateful. 

This is my business-on-top look, which means I have a meeting but my loft office gets hot, so shorts were necessary. I'm wearing a Treasure & Bond blouse from Nordstrom and my AGolde Parker Long shorts, which were expensive but I really love them and wear them a ton. They're made from non-stretch denim and after you wear them a few times they relax a little and just fit perfectly to your body. I'm also wearing my Birkenstock Arizona Split which are getting harder to find but this version is really cute and on sale. 

Annnnd, then there's this. This is what I wear when I don't have meetings and might go to the gym later. I'm wearing my (truly great) Athleta Ultimate Stash Pocket shorts (updated version here, weird color on sale here) and my favorite Wilt high-low tee. I'm wearing my white Birkenstock Arizona which are probably the pair I wear most often. 

That's it! Not quite a week's worth of work-from-home outfits.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Monday Mood: A Few Dumb Things I Bought Last Week.

I love it when I impulse purchase something from Amazon and then forget about it and when it arrives I'm like WTF. In this case, why would someone with my hair buy a set of large claw clips:

WHY. Now, in my defense, I though they were the small kind (which I can sort of use) but I still didn't need EIGHT OF THEM. The colors are really good? I don't know. I'm giving them to Marianne when I see her... this weekend! Which is why I also bought this:

It arrived and I haven't really tested it fully, but I'm dead set on my goal of actually sleeping on a redeye flight and this mask is very comfortable and block out all the light. Also, it looks like the world's worst ski mask, which is amusing. I will report back. I also ordered a new brand of dermaplaning razors:

And ooh, these are really good. I don't know that they're better than the Shiseido kind I'd been getting but I definitely accidentally shaved off a bit of my eyebrow without even trying (not actually happy about that) so you know they're wicked sharp. Luckily I just re-purchased my favorite eyebrow pencil, so I can draw it back on. *sob*

And finally, it appears that Grayson is shutting down, which sucks. (They are being super weird about it, though. They apparently sent out an email last week about closing and then posted about a closeout sale on IG and then edited the post, all, nothing to see here! They're no closeout sale or any mention of closing on the website, so maybe they announced it too early?) Anyway I had some credits to use, so I ordered another dress:

This is not going to be a "oh, that's so flattering on you dress!" but more of a "Oooh, I love a pretty sack" kind of dress. I can see wearing this with Birkenstocks now and boots and tights later in the fall, right? Right. My other favorite linen sack dress is also still available in pink, just FYI. Anyway, I'm sad they're closing, if indeed they are closing, but if this blouse gets marked down further, I'll probably buy it as well. The exhilaration of a final sale purchase! You can't beat it.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: 40% Off Sale at Madewell.

 I most definitely was going to lay off Madewell for a while because even I get tired of it but they keep having such good sales and I CAN'T HELP IT. I'm not made of stone, people. Anyway, they have an extra 40% off sale and I had to poke through it all and find the stuff I most want for myself:

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Outfit of the Day: How To Button Up.

Before I get started with another underwhelming outfit, I just want to thank you all for your comments yesterday! I love that you all are invested in my non-wedding dress and will keep you posted. (The Shoshanna is definitely a front-runner.)  Now, I have another thrifting find, an item that everyone else in the world seems to wear without issue but I struggle with:

THE SILK BUTTON UP. So lovely! So sleek! So f'ing gape-y. This particular beautiful silk blouse is by Equipment and I love everything about it except that it's a button up because I hate the boob gape. I do have dress tape (magical stuff as long as you remember to remove it before washing) but for a blouse this nice, I wish they'd design it to fit actual human bodies. I'm just holding real still in these photos. 

Here I am fully tucking it in because I"m not sure I'm pulling off that half-tuck. Also, I'm going to stop complaining because I paid $7 for this blouse. If you want something similarly fancy, this is a gorgeous green Equipment blouse. For something similar but much less expensive, you know I'm going to recommend this Quince blouse and of course there's Everlane. For a non-silk option, I love this one at J.Crew

I'm wearing a pair of Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans in a good black wash from a few years ago. The current version in Lunar wash is probably the most similar! I'm also wearing my new M.Gemi Greta Clogs even though it's still too hot for them. They just looked so perfect with this, I couldn't resist. For something similar, this pair by Dolce Vita look very promising and of course, Madewell has a beautiful pair. Details:

I just piled on a bunch of Gorjana necklaces - my Parker wrap, Compass Coin and my herringbone chain. I am getting the most I can out of this layering trend! 

My little quilted Marc Jacobs Single bag is still one of my favorite Poshmark steals of all time. It's just a perfect, classic thing and, honestly, I'm just never going to spend the cash on a Chanel bag. For something similar, you have so many options! I always recommend Rebecca Minkoff for a quality, fashionable quilted bag but there is also this affordable option at TJ Maxx or have some fun and get a crazy Kurt Geiger bag

That's it for today! TL;DR working title: Blogger Confounded By Button Up Shirt. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Non Traditional Bride-y Stuff.

I should say upfront that I'm not really a bride-y wedding person and I'm definitely not a traditional bride-y wedding person. The idea of having a big wedding and a big dress makes me want to crawl into a hole and hide. Luckily, this is a second marriage for both of us so we're just going to do something very small and private. That said, a bride still needs something completely fabulous to wear to their tiny non-wedding wedding, right? Right. 

First, the shoes are taken care of. A while back Marianne bought a super fun pair of Loeffler Randall "party in a shoe" sandals and I wasn't sold by the photos (are but once I saw them on her feet I was like, THOSE ARE THE CRAZY BEST.  And they are, indeed, the crazy-best. I kept my eye out and recently Bloomingdales put them way on sale (for like, a minute) and I pounced. I love them: 

Now all I need is the rest of it. I've thought about maybe renting a dress because Rent the Runway has some really good, fancy dresses for a non-traditional bride situation. Like maybe this Badgley Mischka:

Or this one by Shoshanna has an amazing vintage vibe (the beige circles are gold metallic!):

It's just so pretty and fun, right? Or maybe something kind of weird and fabulous like this?

Moving on to Dresses I Could Just Purchase, this AllSaints dress keeps following me around the internet:

It also comes in red which I like better. I mean, why not red? (I'm not 100% set on white/ivory because who even decided that.)  Also, this one keeps following me around the internet:

It's so pretty! And under $100! It also comes in black which you know I love. Now, Anthro obviously has a ton of options. They even have a whole City Hall Bride section, most of which is kind of silly, but I really kind of love this jumpsuit:

Isn't that elegant and modern? Marianne thinks I should consider this:

I mean, how over-the-top fun would that be? It comes in white (which is probably what she intended) and black as well. I also love the idea of something really simple and pared down, like this:

I don't think that's my color but I do love the dress itself. Finally, I hit up Nordstrom which was overwhelming but how pretty and sparkly is this:

And I also love a dark floral cocktail dress as a truly non-traditional option: 

Whelp, now I'm frozen with indecision so that's fun. I definitely have some time to work out the details and will probably go to Nordstrom at some point and try things on in a flop-sweat of dressing room anxiety and indecision so THAT is something to look forward to. Yay for love! 

Friday, August 19, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: Clearance Finds at EVEREVE!

There are some great sales going on right now. Madewell is doing $75 jeans this weekend, Anthro is giving an extra 30% off all sale items and Evereve just took another 20% off clearance items! I haven't checked out Evereve for a while, so let's take a closer look at that one:

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Wear Your Favorite Things!

This is one of those outfit that wasn't really planned, I just put on some of my favorite things and thought it looked cute, so I took some photos. No new items, just some goods stuff from this summer and last summer:

This is the Manzilla top by Apiece Apart which I rented last summer (unsurprisingly similar outfit here) and absolutely loved it. At the time RTR was asking too much to buy it so I searched Poshmark with no luck. Eventually Marianne took over and found it for me on Alys Grace. It's basically the perfect floaty summer top and I wear it a lot, so sometimes it's worth hunting down something you love and buying it even if it's more than you usually spend. It's impossible to find anything really similar (well, there's this beauty in XS), but this pretty top has a similar shape and this one at Nordstrom also looks like it would be fun and floaty to wear. Also from Apiece Apart, how beautiful is this top?

I've tried tucking this top in but I honestly think it looks better untucked - it's meant to be free! I'm wearing it with an old pair of Madewell Cali Demi Boot jeans that I love because the raw hem looks so cute with sandals. I'd say this pair is probably the closest in style to mine, though this pair by DL1961 is awfully good too.

I meant it about having a red bag! It's just what works best with this kind of outfit. Mine is Rebecca Minkoff and it was another rental that I eventually purchased. Here's a similar Minkoff bag at a great price and here's a REALLY cute option under $50! On to details: 

I'm keeping the jewelry minimal with this kind of detailed neckline and just wearing my little beaded Gorjana necklace. It's sold out, but how cute is this new little charm necklace

And finally, my summer 2022 Birks - the Arizona Split. I will admit that the vegan footbed on these is not as comfortable as the leather version but they're still Birks so still more comfortable than most shoes. I get a ton of compliments on these! They're my "fancy" Birkenstocks. Yep. I'm tempted by this leather version which is on sale (more sizes here), but maybe for next year? 

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Summer Beauty: What's On My Face.

I haven't done this in a while! I did a review back in the spring and talked about a few new products I was using, but I haven't done a run-down on daytime summer skincare and makeup. For skincare, this is my first step right after I wash my face in the morning:

I know I've talked about this serum before but I'm on my third bottle and I still love it. It's just a perfect calming/hydrating first step. I apply my Avene moisturizer on top, wait for that to all settle then my favorite sunscreen

For foundation, I have rediscovered my love of It Cosmetics CC cream! It's really good stuff with a beautiful finish if you use a light touch. (Yes, it has SPF 50 but I never put enough on for it to really be effective as sunscreen.) For a more polished all-day look, I have been using this:

I bought this Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation last fall and it's really good stuff. Very light and has a nice, natural finish. It doesn't crease and lasts all day. Honestly though, sometimes I just skip foundation altogether and hit my under eye and other dark bits with this Touche Éclat High Cover pen:

I reviewed it back in May but it's still in heavy rotation! It's basically, the Touche Eclat highlighter with some actual coverage and it's a favorite now and I don't even care that it's a rip-off. I DON'T CARE IT MAKES ME GLOW OKAY?

For my eyes, I've been using a few quick swipes of Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Strapless on my lid and this bronze Pixi eyeliner I got from Target that's totally a dupe for UD 24/7. For mascara, I bought the Wander Beauty Upgraded Lashes serum mascara and it's okay:

It's perfectly fine but does tend to flake on me. I think their Unlashed Volume mascara is WAY better and still my #1 favorite and I'll probably go back to that when this one dries out. Finally, for lips I've been using the Ilia balm (reviewed the whole kit here) which is great to throw in your bag. If I want a glossy, summery look, however, I've been loving this:

It's bareMinerals Mineralist Lip Gloss Balm in Sincerity, which is a "your lips but better" kinda color. It's not groundbreaking or life-changing but it is a really nice lipgloss in a subtly pretty and wearable color. 

That's my summer face! Now please enable me by telling me about the product you can't live without.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: All The Things From Quince.

I am always checking in with Quince to see what's new and in the last year they've really expanded! It used to just be good cashmere and loungewear but now it's...all of the things. So tempting! Here's what I have my eye on:

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Outfit Of The Day: I'm a Clog Girl Now.

I have a few new things to show you and I've also been trying to wear things that have been hanging in my closet for too long. Let's get the whole gang together, shall we?

I panic-bought this Halogen top back in the spring to wear for an in-person job interview...that never happened. So, it just hung unloved with the tags on all summer and I finally decided to put it on and stop thinking about it as an interview-only option:

It's fine, probably not the coolest thing ever but I love the colors and wanted to have a little pop of personality to go with my boring interview suit. OH WELL. I ended up tucking it in and adding my Madewell belt:

These are my new Cali Demi-Boot Madewell jeans and I wish I had a wider belt for them! They have a high waist and long belt loops so something just isn't quite sitting right. It's fine, that's what blazers are for:

This is my J.Crew Going Out Blazer and it was a solid purchase! (Here I am wearing it in the beforetimes.) It's got a little stretch and the sleeves hit me just right - it's really a nice blazer that gets rave reviews for a reason. I need to wear it more! They also make it in seasonal colors/fabrics and I'm keeping an eye on this version in the dusty shell color

Just add a bag and some clogs and you're good to go, right? My bag is the Hammitt large VIP and it's a great, easy crossbody with some style. I love it. For something similar but smaller, this one by Aimee Kestenberg looks really good! I also love this one at Madewell that looks like a similar size. Details:

A closer look at my crazy color top and my old Giles & Brother necklace. When I bought this top I planned to wear it with a black suit and my red suede pumps. Cute right? Instead, I have become a clog girl: 

I have been mooning over M.Gemi's Greta clogs for months, which I love for the style as much as the comfort - that stud detail! I finally found a pair in my size (sort of) on Poshmark. They arrived last weekend and they're so good! Just beautifully made. I got them in a half size down which they recommend and they just fit me, so if you get a pair, just order your normal size unless your feet are super narrow. Other clogs worth mentioning: This Madewell pair looks beautiful and this pair by Sanita also look great.Also! I reader recommended Charlotte Stone clogs, which look amazing.  

I'm a clog girl now. This is happening. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Pre-Fall Sale at Madewell

 I was giving Madewell a break because at some point I decided maybe I'd aged out of it and then yesterday realized basically everything I was wearing was Madewell and then they were like, take 25% off "pre-fall faves" with code FIRSTLOOK. (Is that what this feeling is? PRE-FALL? Because that's where I live now.) Anyway, I'm going to scroll past a lot of dumb cottagecore dresses and show you what I would buy if I could:

This top would be easy to scroll past but it's got good, subtle details. I might need this.

The Griff pants now comes in a curvy fit! I am intrigued. 

Something about this ancient coin necklace is really appealing. 
It would look good with my 800 other gold pendant necklaces, I do think.

One day I'm just going to snap and buy this. It's that color! And the strap! So good and unusual. 

Marianne has me wanting loafers and I love the 90s clompy-ness of the lug sole.

Click through for the details on this one - its summery, sure, but could work well into fall. 

Madewell's greatest strength is denim and the Pefect Vintage in black is calling my name. 

All the kids are wearing funky sneakers these days and I kept going back to this pair. They come in a bunch of colors but I love the green best. (Marianne would get white and she'd be right.) 

This blazer is made of knit material that makes it perfect for looking professional while secretly wearing a cozy sweater. Basically it's maybe perfect? I'd have to see it in person.

This going out bag is teeny tiny but that chain strap elevates it and I love the off-white color. 

I have this in black and it's a good belt! (I like it better in the color I don't own, naturally.)

I really want a trench coat this fall! I love the gathered sleeves on this one, 
which keeps it from looking too conventional. Also, that color IS FALL. And it's only PRE-FALL. Alas.