Monday, May 16, 2022

Beauty Review: A Few Recent Purchases.

It's been a little while since I talked about makeup and stuff, so here are a few recent purchases that I'm pretty into:

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat High Cover Radiant Under-Eye Concealer
This was an in-store impulse purchase and I expected it to disappoint because I've tried the original Touche Éclat a few times (yes, I bought it more than once expecting a different result) and it never did much for me. But now they have a version that's actually a concealer but it also has brightening qualities and y'all, this stuff is GOOD. Its stupidly priced for what you get, but a little goes a long way and it brightens and conceals beautifully. I like to use a light hand and especially hit all those spots that need a bit of light - the corners of my eyes, the top of my cheekbone, under my bottom lip and my cupid's bow. On days when I don't care about looking made up, I just use this and some mascara and call it done. It works WAY better than the original formula and the finish is lovely. 

Jones Road What The Foundation
I posted about ordering this recently and it arrived and I'm...medium on it. It's feels very comforting on the skin but it's thick and you really need a light hand or it starts to feel cakey and heavy. When applied correctly, it disappears and feels quite moisturizing. It's a nice non-foundation foundation if you have dry skin (I do) and I've been using it daily to see how it wears. One surprise - it has a strong (but not  unpleasant) scent that I wasn't expecting and it takes a while to dissipate. Not a dealbreaker but it seems unnecessary. 

I finally just caved and ordered another color of my favorite Dior Addict Shine lipstick - this one is called 628 Pink Bow and it's the perfect "your lips but better" shade on me. I'm assuming it's popular because it was sold out in both Nordstrom locations I tried. It's just a lovely, moisturizing and glossy lipstick with beautiful packaging. If you're looking for a lipstick splurge, this is a good one. 

Method Aluminum Gel Hand Soap - Vetiver + Amber
Okay, this one isn't for everyone but if you love interesting warm/woody scents (think Aesop and Le Labo) I highly recommend this hand soap. It smells expensive and is such a nice change from the usual thing. I personally love woody, earthy, amber notes so this is definitely up my alley and the aluminum container looks quite nice. (But why no refill, Method?) The first review on the product page is like, THIS IS DISGUSTING which made me laugh and also just makes me like it more? I'm ornery. Anyway, I also love this one which I talked about a while ago but again, you have to love an amber note. Don't yell at me if you're a floral person, just leave a bad review on Target. Ha.

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