Thursday, May 26, 2022

Quarantine Stuff.

It's been, to put it bluntly, a shit week. I've been sick since last Thursday, quarantined with my boyfriend who also has Covid. The news has been devastating and everything feels pretty hopeless. Aside from waving my arms around helplessly and declaring this The Bad Place, I'm not sure how to proceed so I will link a bunch of stuff that's kept me occupied. 

But first, here's a good article that outlines ways you can support the Uvalde families. And another that outlines ways to help the Buffalo community. What is even happening. 


Before I got sick I'd been working my way back through a bunch of Kate Atkinson books, which are some of my absolute favorites to re-read because they only get better. I've re-read most of the Jackson Brodie series and was re-reading Life After Life, a WWII story told in a post-modern multiverse timeline, when I got sick. (It's been adapted by the BBC which I am VERY excited about even though it's not available in the states yet.) 

I had a few days where reading anything wasn't possible but then I finished it up and damn, this book is a gut punch every single time. It's so complex and weird and dark completely GOOD. I'll follow up with a re-read of A God In Ruins but I am taking a break with some lighter things.

Marianne sent me Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman and y'all, it's exactly what you want to read when you're recuperating. It's not perfect, but it's fizzy and awkward and FUN. It was possibly inspired by this Chris Evans interview which is a good time in and of itself. Marianne and I have talked about who we'd cast in various roles which is also fun to think about. 

I also recently read That Summer by Jennifer Weiner which was not her best but it's very much worth reading if you like Jennifer Weiner. It's got big #MeToo energy but I found the ending a bit disappointing. Marianne and I both also recently read Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir which we both loved, but both agreed that we are lukewarm on the ending. I won't say anything more about it (it's impossible to discuss without spoiling it) but if you liked The Martian as much as I did, you'll dig this one too. 


Because I'm in quarantine with my boyfriend, everything we're watching is a joint agreement, though I feel I should mention that I recently re-watched all of Sex and the City on my own to see how it holds up (it doesn't but the clothes are amazing) and even though it was full of cringe I really, thoroughly enjoyed it. Make of that what you will. Anyway, here's what we've been watching this week:

Shining Girls - Good lord, how is Elizabeth Moss so good? She's so good. This is a creepy-ass thriller and it's one of those shows where nobody ever turns on a light on but it's really excellent. 

Slow Horses - Good lord, how is Kristin Scott Thomas so good? She's so good. This is a very cool spy show and you just can't go wrong with KST and Gary Oldman. 

The Big Conn - We just finished this and it's a jaw-dropper and also quite depressing. But this guy, I swear. Definitely worth a watch if you like docs about amazingly horrible con artists. 

Workin' Moms - We just finished the new season and it's hilarious and fucked up and great. If you haven't heard of this show, get into it and thank me later. It's a ride. 


And, just holding me together is the song Matilda by Harry Styles which Marianne introduced me to it and oh geez. It's like a hug from one friend with a dysfunctional family to another. How does he know? There's no live version of it but this song off the new album is also very, very good and you can watch him sing it. Oh, Harry.


  1. I love Atkinson’s books too, especially the Brodie ones, and Life After Life is an all time top ten book for me. I didn’t know about the series so that is something to look forward to. I might need to give that a re-read soon. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. I accidentally published this as anonymous, but it’s me, Leandra. LOL.

    2. Hi Leandra! Thanks! I can't wait for the BBC series to be available here.

  2. Slow Horses is so good - and KST is always amazing. When I read that series (which is very enjoyable, if you are in the mood for dysfunctional spies), I just immediately envisioned that character as KST, so I'm glad they followed my imaginary casting :)

    Given the news, and the more news, and the general ongoing shit, I've been escaping by watching The Great Pottery Throw Down. I've found it quite soothing, something about the practical nature of the tasks I think.

    Hope you (and your boyfriend) are recovered soon!


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