Tuesday, May 10, 2022

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): New Arrivals.

I really enjoy checking out the new arrivals on websites I like, sometimes to be pleasantly surprised, sometimes quite disappointed. But, even through a sea of ruffles and tiers and puffy sleeves, I can still usually find something I love:

I have this top in a different pattern from last year and it's such a fun thing. I really love this year's pattern though. And the jeans too. This whole look works for me. 

I mean, why not blue suede espadrilles? Aren't they weirdly good? And, they're Cole Haan so you know they probably have some arch support and padding for us olds. 

Okay, I love this gauze top from J.Crew and I really love it in this marigold color that would probably look terrible on me. But it's so CHEERFUL without being be-ruffled or twee. 

Ugh, I have been looking for a perfume with an amber note and I am DYING to get a sniff of this new (and limited edition) Jo Malone fragrance. Has anyone tried it?

I was super happy with my Joe's cut-off shorts last summer and I will probably suck it up and buy another pair. I mean, that 7" inseam is just the damn best. They also have a similar pair with a 5" inseam which is also a possibility.

This Maeve dress is definitely filed under "tiered and ruffled" but somehow the graphic black and white bring it down to a less crazy place and it just looks comfy and fun to me. 

These wide-leg linen pants at Athleta are really catching my interest this spring and I'm surprising myself by liking this rose color quite a bit. (Though, knowing me i'll probably get them in black.) 

Oh Madewell, every so often you really get me. I love this understated striped cotton tote so much. It also comes in a rainbow gingham version and they mixed up the info on the website, so don't be confused by that. 

Loft is mostly horrifying right now (MUCH SPRING! SO BRIGHT!) but this easy little striped dress looks like a super wearable option that could be dressed up or down. 

Oof, my heart. These clunky beauties are just everything I want in a clog sandal. The studs, the suede, the dark wood. I love it all. 


  1. I can vouch for those Athleta linen pants! Super comfortable, wash well, very breezy in the New England humidity hell hole that is July/August.

    1. Thanks! I am definitely considering a pair.

  2. Just wanted to say this is one of my favorite blogs. You’re hilarious and actually post interesting content :)