Friday, January 29, 2016

Cute Boy Friday: Goode News.

I can't not make a pun out of his last name, I'm sorry. Anyway, it isn't just me who was like, "FINALLY!" last Sunday when Matthew Goode reappeared on Downton Abbey? The hospital plot is zzzZZZZzzz and ugh the Bateses and WHERE ARE THE HOT BOYS. PLEASE:

WOOF. YES TO THE TUXEDO. He just totally looks like such a smarmy foxy thing. And then we have Mary:

Girl, you should either hit that or just get out of my way. I do like how snarky they are with each other. It's fun. And this is just because I really liked the whole tweed thing last season:

Now, because it's Friday and because I work hard to bring you only the best of the best, I present you this series of adorable Goode/Leech GIFs without any context (because who needs it):


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Adrien: I Continue To Dress Myself.

This week has been a struggle and I felt pretty good about my outfit until I got to work and the fluorescent lighting showed me otherwise. Some days are like that. It started off just fine:

I'm wearing a Sundry sweatshirt dress that is super comfortable and miraculously holds it's shape. It's got a dark blue/black stripe that's impossible to see but it's there! This Sundry Raglan dress is basically what I have in a different colorway. They also have a striped long sleeved dress that I wish was in my life because that's what I need - another striped dress. This one is cute too. CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP.

And then! I threw my favorite Eileen Fisher wine cardigan over it which you can't even see because it was such a dark morning. (These photos are bumming me out, sorry.) But trust me when I tell you that the blue stripe in the dress and the purple-blue of the cardigan don't actually work well together at all! I'm doing great. 

Hey, at least my accessories are cute. I'm wearing my favorite old chunky tassel necklace which I'd replace in a second with this one by Lulu Frost and this one by Kendra Scott is pretty appealing. I'm also wearing my Cluse La Bohème watch which is still a favorite. 

There's the stripe! I told you it existed. My bag is a MBMJ Globetrotter Kirsten which is long since sold out (though there is one on eBay right now.) While I don't think a blue bag is as important as red, it's still a nice thing to have. I would recommend this MBMJ hobo if you're feeling a bit fancy and this one by Furla if that's too much. My bargain pick is this cute Merona bag. 

I'm wearing my old Vince Camuto ankle boots which are a shameless Rag & Bone Newbury knockoff. I think this VC pair would be my update though I do also like this suede version

 Why am I standing like this? I don't even know. I want a do-over.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Abject Apologies.

M: I have bad news

A: Nooo, what

M: I tried the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and it's amazing.

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

A: You jerk.

M: I am truly sorry.

A: There is an Armani counter at my Saks, FYI

M: It is very light but has great coverage. Super natural looking. I look all dewy and fresh. Dammit. The Smashbox stuff has been making me look dry and wizened lately no matter what I do.

A: Oooh, that does look nice. The Smashbox foundation is good but kind of flat on me.

M: Me too. The coverage was great and it wears like iron but I don't think I looked all that great. Good on camera though.

M: With the Armani I don’t feel like i’m wearing any makeup. My makeup artist friend warned me that it was HG level but $$$.

A: Dang, it is not cheap…I might have to get samples.

M: That's why I apologized

A: You are the worst. The copy is kind of hilarious though:

Inspired by the silk shantung worn by kings and emperors, this foundation glides seamlessly onto the skin leaving a finish that’s reminiscent of charmeuse silk.

M: I know dude

A: *side eye emoji*

M: Ridiculous

A: I am an empress!

M: * cheerful shrug emoji*

A: I might just get a charmeuse silk bag to wear over my head. It’d be cheaper.

M: Fetching.

A: So smooth.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Adrien: Oh, Winter. You Are The Worst.

I reentered society today after four days of being snowed in alone. Even my cat was like, "Please go to work so I can miss you again." If I look a little glassy, it's because I'm sick. (Winter is terrible! Everything is terrible!) I did manage to put clothes on, though it's not terribly exciting:

Here I am wearing my Everlane cashmere v-neck sweater, black Banana Republic high waisted skinny jeans (which also come in a dark wash that I kinda want) and my old Frye Veronica boots.

I did a little fancy necklace layering because why not. I'm wearing a tiny pyramid stud necklace (very much like this one) and my Giles and Brother hook necklace. They have a newer pendant that's pretty damn sweet. I decided my outfit still looks a little plain so I added my new Barbour Union Jack scarf:

It was a birthday gift from Nina and I LOVE it. She said it would go with two of my favorite things: My red LV bag and my Downtown Field Jacket. So good, right? 

I am all about a good patterned scarf to totally change up a boring outfit. This one by Kate Spade would go with everything and this fun MBMJ scarf would brighten up any complexion. For bargain picks I love this graphic print scarf from MANGO and you can't beat the price of this block print at H&M.

It totally looks great with my red LV bag. You have a red bag, right? No? Get on that. Or maybe on that. Seriously, there is no excuse and I truly believe the right smart red satchel will improve your life.  Also, boots:

These are my old Frye Veronica Slouch and they're a workhorse. I don't wear them a ton but they're just the thing for cold, icy days. seems to have the best price going right now, just FYI. Okay, I'll stop now. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Boden Clearance.

I'm still snowed in (and sick to boot) but I'm hoping to wear real clothes tomorrow. In the meantime, my friend Paula pointed out that this adorable Boden skirt has been marked down like whoa:

Alice Ponte Skirt

Sizing is a bit funky so read the reviews before you order. The dress version is also marked down but not quite as drastically. I'm also really taken by these gorgeous boots:

Olivia Boot

I know, right? Sizing is limited but they also come in a greeny-blue color which could be really cool. I wanted to include these black glitter pointy flats but they're only available in size 36.5, so if you have small feet, check em out. (They do come in other colorways but the glitter is the best.) If you're feeling more practical, these wellies are fun and really inexpensive:

The Welly

Finally, I think this tote is pretty effing great looking:

Slouchy Tote

So, if you're still snowed in or sadly back at work after a great weekend,  I've just given you something to do. Get thee to Boden. Oh, and don't forget eBates for 2.0% cash back! (my referral link.) 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: Snow Day!

Y'all know I love a theme...

Cute Boy Friday: Humor Me.

There is a blizzard headed my way, so I'm hunkered down with my computer and a lot of snacks. Maybe you are too? So, with that in mind I'm going to give you a little bit of cute boy entertainment. Two of my favorite guys have teamed up and made a surprise album:

Isn't it cute how they make Iggy Pop look taller than Josh Homme? Heh. Here's a video (thanks, Melissa!):

And a very funny bromancey interview that I've already watched twice:

So cute! I'm excited about this. Now, I'm sure most of you don't think about Iggy Pop as a cute boy but he's charming as hell and don't forget he used to look like this:

Hee! Maybe that's not selling it but I love him. And, um, this is also not a terrible face:

Happy Friday, kids!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Adrien: Dressing For The Weather.

Now is the time for me to be grateful that I bought a sweater dress out of season. I struggle with buying things I can't wear right away but I'd been stalking this dress forever and it was finally marked down so much I couldn't resist. I've worn it a few times on the blog and it never disappoints:

It's the Boden Milano dress which is long gone but don't be sad! They have a new version that I like A LOT. I mean, a lot. Dammit, Boden. They also have a super pretty sparkle version that's closer in pattern to the Milano and there's this fun color panel dress as well. If Boden isn't your thing, this Lacoste dress looks pretty similar (though it's made of wool so might be itchy.) I threw on a Missoni-esque scarf for extra warmth. Mine is Calvin Klein via Ross, but this one is the real thing and on sale!

My cardigan is an old one from Banana Republic, back when I loved everything in the store. A nice purple cardigan is basically impossible to find but this one by Halston looks suuuuper nice. Also hard to find? And embellished cardigan that's not tacky. I dig this one by Tory Burch and hey, there's always Target. (And okay, this merino wool boyfriend cardigan at Banana? Doesn't look too bad. Maybe things are turning around.)

Details! I'm wearing my BR beaded cone necklace which is gone but I think this BR pendant is REALLY cute. I also love this one by House of Harlow.  My boots and bag are hard to see but they're my usual Loeffler Randall Matilde and MBMJ Hiller Hobo. So boring, sorry. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More Lazy Beauty Reviews.

Do ya'll read The Beauty Boomer? You should. She's hilarious and is currently working her way through a stockpile of fancy samples and reviewing them so we can save our money or not. I've also been working my way through a much smaller pile of samples and other beauty stuffs and and I have opinions. Always with the opinions.

First! I got a points perk sample of the new Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara with my recent Sephora order and I was really excited about it. It sounded so good! It promised major drama and volume and a "velvet-like" look. That last one should've been my tip-off. This stuff is lame. It's clumpy and flat looking (I guess this is the velvet part) and flaked all over the place. I'm of the opinion that some mascaras get better with a bit of age, so I'll give it another try in a week or so. First impressions weren't great, though. Meh.

I also got a teeny-tiny Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as part of the birthday gift Sephora offers and it pleased me much more. It's not a color I would've picked but is actually pretty flattering and the finish is matte but feels creamy. I haven't tested it's longevity out yet, so I might change my mind about this. Stay tuned.

Next, I was having one of those days where anything on the internet sounded okay by me so it seemed totally reasonable to spend $4 on Onomie concealer samples. I'd never heard of the brand before but apparently it's all the thing now, combining makeup with skincare:

I am always looking for the next good thing in concealer, so I had to do it. (Your $4 gets credited back if you buy the full size which is decent of them.) First impression: these little rounds samples are a bitch to get open and a total mess no matter how careful you are. I got three shades of concealer and a packet of the illuminating eye treatment. The concealer is good! A little thin but it's nicely pigmented and goes on smoothly. It definitely brightens the under-eye area. I have no idea if it really does anything about treating dark circles but I'm of the opinion that nothing really helps with that but sleep and hydration.

I then tried the pink illuminating eye treatment on the top of my cheekbone and up along my brown bone as suggested. This stuff? Super nice. It gives a lovely sheen without being at all glittery. it apparently helps with fine lines long term but I've only used it twice so I don't know if it actually does that. Still, I liked it a lot.

My final review isn't a sample, just a product I like. My favorite eyeliner is the 24/7 line from Urban Decay because the colors are interesting and it really does stay put. However, I wear contacts and the shimmer tends to migrate into my eyes and makes them itchy. In an effort to phase them out, I've been looking for other options. I remembered that I liked a specific liquid liner from Physicians Formula and behold! I wrote about it. I dug that liner out of my stash (shut up, Marianne) and tried it again. Despite sitting in a bin for more than a year it was still good to go and still a really nice liquid liner. My skills? Tooootally suck but I'm practicing. Black liner looks a bit harsh on me so last weekend I ventured out and found the brown version:

Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner 

It's a pretty dark brown but a little more appropriate for daytime use. I like this pen because the tip is very fine, it doesn't skip, it dries quickly and stays put* all damn day. Also, it apparently makes your lashes grow longer. Hm. We'll see.

*It does not hold up when David Bowie dies but that eyeliner doesn't exist.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adrien: Sometime Last Week.

I wore this last week and somehow forgot to post it. Cool story, bro. Here:

My striped dress is from Banana Republic but you can find them elsewhere. I suggest checking out this Vince Camuto dress and this boatneck version by Kate Spade looks perfect, if expensive. And, of course, there's always Boden. My bargain pick is this cute Eliza J dress.  My jewelry below is a Giles and Brother skinny cortina bracelet and a Lulu Frost for JCrew tassel necklace. I love a Lulu Frost tassel.

I know you guys are tired of me banging on about having a pewter bag, so instead I will just say that maybe you should check out this faded aluminum MBMJ satchel that's on sale right now. This MJ satchel is is also cute in bright red. Also, if you're an MJ fan there are a lot of cute wallets on sale right now at 6pm. Just saying.

I added a scarf so I don't freeze to death and also because I like a little wacky blogger pattern mixing. Mine is very old and from Ann Taylor back when they made wonderful lightweight wool scarves. Those days are over. I suggest checking out this gorgeous thing from Kate Spade and this one from True Religion

Cognac boots were a big thing a few years ago and when I finally got around to getting a pair, I totally got why. Cognac is so much more interesting than brown! If you're looking for a pair of not-black boots I suggest a rich cognac boot or even a charcoal grey. Or just go crazy and get blue. (How cool are those?) 

Boooooots. Mine are Loeffler Randall Matilde and I got them on eBay, which I recommend. (If you go this route, try to find an older pair made in Italy, not Brazil.) 

That's it! Hope you're not freezing to death. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow Goggling.

A: Kim France is making me want shearling lined Birkenstocks. WTF.

Birkenstock Clog

M: No.

A: I’m cold.

M: Uggs.

A: I have Uggs. They're tall and require effort. Actually, I have Ugg slippers too. Never mind.

M: See? Told you.

A: Fine.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Weekend Window Shopping: It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To.

Birthday weekend fantasy wish list? Oh, I got one:

Cute Boy Friday: Marrying UP.

A: I nominate Garance's new fiancé as our cute guy this week.

M: He is suuuuuuper fine.


M: She gets to wear all her high heels!

A: He can feed his own meters!

M: Reach the tippy top shelf!

A: I am so HAPPY for her!

M: Me too. She seems much happier.

A: Beats the shit out of this:

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Adrien: Issa New Outfit.

There are a few brands I have saved searches for on eBay and ISSA London is one of them. While there's no way I'm ever going to drop $500+ on an ISSA dress, no matter how beautiful or interesting, every now and then I get a crazy deal.  This particular dress I stalked for a month as the price dropped, and dropped and dropped:

And I finally bought it. Whee! The best part? NOBODY has this dress. It's an older Issa print and I've never seen this exact dress on eBay before. Obviously it was a risk but I know how ISSA fits me so it was worth a chance. The other best part? This dress is pretty in the front, CRAZY in the back. 

Wait for it:

Boom! This is why I hunt down ISSA. I know I've been on a lot lately about fun print wrap dresses, but they're just so versatile. This one by DVF is fancy/crazy but you could definitely wear it to work. And it's on sale! For quite a bit less money this fun Maggy London dress is really fun and I love the geometric print on this Julie Brown wrap. And for your super-bargain check out this Karen Kane and this Maggy London.

Deets! I'm wearing my Alexis Bittar ring (from the Zoe box but this one is similar) and my House of Harlow Mini Sunburst necklace. The dress pattern is little birds:

Eep! I know. I love it. I did eventually remember to grab my bag:

Mine is Andrea Brueckner (another saved eBay search) but it reminds me of the Mulberry Bayswater. For something in the same black satchel family, I think this Rebecca Minkoff is beautiful. I also think this Forever 21 bag is an amazing bargain option. My boots are old Vince Camuto but this style is a good update

PS. if you're an eBayer, beware of the ISSA for Banana Republic line that has totally messes up the search. Also, I find that ISSA runs a little bit small.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cheap 'n Cheerful

My very lovely Crossfit buddy Christine posted something on her Instagram account last week that I really liked:

Winter cold feels cruel to me and casts everything in gloom and grey. I employ mind tricks to keep things interesting, one of them being a bright lip color. Does it seem silly? I don't know: I see it as the difference between walking by a ghostly and pallid face in the mirror and thinking, "C'mon, you old turkey, a few more hours until bed" ...and glimpsing bright pink lip and thinking, "Oh! She has places to go and things to do! What's next?" Also, I'm reading this terrific book about creative living and there is a part in there about how getting gussied up may help attract ideas and inspiration to you when you are feeling particularly discouraged or blocked, and I think there is something to that.  
I like a bunch of lip aids, but one of my favorites these days is these Wet n Wild Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Color, partly because they are only $3: they do the job and don't make me feel terrible if I misplace it. 

Well! You don't have to tell me twice. I scrambled right out to the drug store and picked up two of the Wet n Wild Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Colors. My initial instinct is always to go with the plummy color "Lady and the Vamp" (which I did) but I also bought a bright pink called "A Stiff Pink" because it looks so cute on Christine.

I tried the pink first and it looked really good...and then it went kind of fuchsia on me which is an issue I often have with pinks. I don't know if it's my lip pigment or a chemical thing, but it was REAL bright. I kind of liked it though. I layered the plum color over it and had a very intense, bright lip all day. And hey, $3 a pop! Plus, the cap snaps on so it won't come loose in your bag. It's the perfect cheap 'n cheerful pick-me-up on a cold winter day.

I'm really into layering lip colors to make my own shade (Clinique Super Strawberry is a great base for this) so this morning I layered my Honest Beauty lip crayon in Mulberry Kiss over Lady and the Vamp and here's what I got:

Instantly more cheerful. It's all about a bright lip to keep your spirits up through winter.