Thursday, September 17, 2015

Adrien: Boden Milano Dress, Finally!

Soooo, hey. Remember back in April when I finally bought the Boden Milano dress and promised to post an outfit the following week? I never did because the weather turned warm and stayed that way and what can you do? But this week I finally pulled it back out and I'm happy to report that it's still good times:

It's super comfortable and hangs really nicely without stretching out. It's still available in a few colors and sizes but unfortunately the black/grey/white version is long gone. There's also this very similar Boden knit dress which I'd buy in a second if my size was in stock. And this new one has promise with the same sort of colorblocked black/grey/ivory colorway!

I'm carrying my new Cambridge bag (20% off right now!), which I reviewed earlier this week. For a similar look this Susu bag definitely has the right color and hardware. For a bargain pick, Forever21 has you covered. A lot.

Details! I'm wearing my Giles and Brother hook pendant which looks to be sold out but they also do a railroad spike pendant that is really cool. I also think this Madewell pendant has a similar look and weight. (And on sale!) My watch is CLUSE La Bohème and I've been wearing it daily since I got it.

I'm not sure if my shoes were the best choice with this dress but I loved how the greys work together and the gold buckles play nicely with the gold hardware on my bag. They're old Chie Mihara Serpans and I don't know that there's anything really similar, but these grey Chie pumps are pretty fly and ooh, these ankle boots with the buckle!

That's the outfit! I can't wait to wear this dress with tall boots and a scarf. Actually, yes I can. I can wait. (Summer 4ever!)


  1. Wow Adrien! You look absolutely stunning! I have always wanted one of these dresses from Boden and now I just have to try it out. Any sizing recommendations?

    1. Thanks! I'm wearing my usual size 6 here and I've generally found Boden to be true to size.


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