Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Review: Cambridge Satchel Company Twist Lock Satchel.

A few weeks ago I bought the Cambridge Twist Lock Satchel in medium. I wanted to carry it a few times before reviewing because it's not a good review without a test ride. 

I chose the twist lock style mainly because, while I love the look of the traditional buckle style satchels, I knew the second or third time I had to one-hand-struggle-open those buckles I'd want to set the bag on fire.  I'm willing to put up with a little bit of inconvenience in the name of style, but man, I hate struggling for my keys. I was originally considering buying Marianne's Cambridge bag because I do like a push lock but the minute I saw the twist lock I was sunk. Sunk! It was The One. So, I ordered and once shipped it arrived lightning fast (seriously, they overnighted it for free):

I'm not generally a monogram kinda person but they were offering free embossing the week I ordered and I am so glad I went for it:

It's mine now! FOREVER.

In a word: Perfection. The leather is thick, the hardware is quality, and it's just flawlessly made. And the color! Everything I want oxblood to be. A stylish young man working at J.Crew asked me if it was Mulberry and I had to resist lunging across the counter to hug him all crazy-person style. NO SIR NOT MULBERRY BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Ahem. 

Basically just like Mulberry

I waffled back and forth between this one and the large version but in the end what I wanted was a smallish bag and I think the size is perfect. Because it's a small bag without much give, I thought I'd show you what I can fit in it:

I have a small Lesportsac makeup bag, my Jonathan Adler coin pouch, sunglasses in a dust bag, compact, and hairbrush.  I've also discovered that I can shove my Kindle in there too, but it's a tight fit. 

In the small front pocket I can fit my keys and cell phone. So, just the essentials, but with a little planning (and a new little wallet pouch, though don't think I wasn't tempted by the Cambridge version) I am pretty happy with what I can manage to fit. It's really nice to have a tidy little crossbody and I've found it to be very good for weekend outings, shopping trips and the grocery store. 

In case you missed it, I've posted outfits here and here with the bag so you can see what it looks like to scale and all that.


  1. That's really beautiful; I agree- perfection. The monogram looks really good, as well; sometimes that can look weird, but the size, lettering, color, placement; it all looks impeccable.

    And you're right about the color; it's actually really difficult to find that beautiful oxblood (but I guess a company like Cambridge would have to be able to do it!).

    Well done!

  2. It's a beautiful, beautiful bag!

  3. I'm thinking of buying it, what does it look like on the inside? Great review other than that! ;-)

    1. The last picture shows the inside, thanks!


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