Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Adrien: Fall Wanty.

So, I've finally given in and accepted that it's fall and as the temperatures begin to change I start to find new holes in my wardrobe. A list begins to form. A long list. dang it.

The first thing I realized is that I have a lot of dresses, a few pairs of pants and almost no skirts. The skirts I do have are of the pencil variety which is fine, but sometimes you just want something you can breathe in, you know? So I'm thinking maybe something fuller, like this one from BR:

Check Pleated Full Skirt

Cute, right? Maybe? No? Hard to say. Definitely not with those shoes. I'm also eyeing this adorable Boden number:

Alice Ponte Skirt

But color block or plain navy? I don't knooooow. I really, really want a Boden kilt but I'm not sure I can pull it off. (Can I pull it off?) There's also a denim circle skirt at Anthro that I've got my eye on:

Maeve Denim Circle Skirt

I've got fall boots covered already, so I'm good there. What I'd really like is a new pair of flats since I tend to wear them a lot until the weather gets truly cold. I've been wanting a metallic pair and LOVE this gold pair at J.Crew but they're a little beyond my budget right now. However, this pair from Madewell is verrrrrrrry tempting:

Metallic Lydia Flat

I don't currently have a nice metallic flat and they'd go with everything! So cute with dark denim. (Update: I just bought them and so did Marianne. 30% off the sale price!) SPEAKING OF DENIM. Marianne's patchwork LOFT jeans went on sale and sold out pretty much immediately. Now they're suddenly back at full price which makes me MAD so I'm thinking maybe these from BR instead:

Distressed Skinny Ankle Jean

They're the darker wash version of my favorite pair and fingers crossed that they fit the same. I dig them. I still want the grey jeans but I'm waiting for a good sale.

Finally, I'd really love a nice warm cardigan with which I can ruin perfectly good outfits. I'm thinking maybe this one from Everlane:

The Luxe Sweater Cardigan

It's wool, so I could only wear it with long sleeves, but I'd be so warm! They also have a really lovely slouchy cashmere version that I might have to consider. I love the Everlane cashmere sweater I bought last winter.

What about you? What do you want for fall?


  1. i *just* bought that anthro denim circle skirt!

    and i like those madewell flats a lot!

  2. I need pants, but I have short legs so they are not as easy to purchase as skirts and dresses, of which I have a ton. I bought a gorgeous wool blend sweater from Loft and am waiting for temps to drop so I can wear it. I bought the golden sand color.

  3. You made me buy that Boden kilt. And yes you can rock the kilt.


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