Monday, September 28, 2015

Adrien: Back To Work.

I'm back to work after a week off and it's a little bit of a shock. You mean I can't wear that same pair of jeans and a t-shirt every single day? Real clothes? Well, dammit. The weather is dreary and I just needed to be comfortable so I am definitely not as office appropriate as I could be. But still, not terrible:

This Fenn Wright Manson silk blouse came from Marshalls (or TJ Maxx?) back in the spring. I don't generally buy much silk because I'm lazy about dry cleaning, but the print is so pretty and it reminded me of the beautiful Joie silk blouses I'm always pining over. If silk isn't your thing, Lucky Brand always has a few cute peasant-style blouse options.

Again with the Cluse La Bohème watch and Beaded Cone Pendant Necklace, I know, but both are so good. I've been wearing them a ton. 

I feel you buddy.

Daniel was having a morning too. It's impossible to see the details, but I promise the pants I'm wearing have some! They're the BR Sloan-Fit moto pant from last fall and they were a great purchase. The updated version are definitely tempting me though I wish they had back pockets. And ooh, the Sloan-Fit in cobalt is definitely cute. 


Speaking of cobalt, my bag is MBMJ and provided a needed bit of cheerfulness this morning. Do you have a blue bag yet? This MBMJ hobo is a gorgeous color and this French Connection bag is a perfect bargain choice. My shoes are metallic classic TOMS and they are so ridiculously comfortable, I totally get why all the kids love them. The metallic makes them a little bit less casual, right? Maybe? Lie to me. If I got another pair it would definitely be this cute print. Or maybe the ikat? Oooh, leather. I am losing my mind. 

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