Monday, September 14, 2015

Adrien: Monday Dress.

Ah, it's all printy dresses around here lately. This is one that Marianne gave me back in the spring and I've worn it all summer. It's Old Navy! Sometimes they manage to not disappoint and this is a really good, easy dress that I think will work well into fall. 

Old Navy disappointed both of us with the fit-and-flare dress but they always have a few cute dresses that I think are worth checking out. Mostly, I've been leaning towards trying to find dresses of better quality and I'm happy to pay more if the quality is there. (This is why I keep trying with Boden! I mean, this one has potential, right? And maybe this one? Ugh, Boden. I can't quit you.)

Heeey, look, I'm wearing a watch! I'm one of those jerks who gave up watches when I got a smartphone but I've always loved them so I'm really happy with this beautiful Cluse watch that showed up in my Box of Style, which I'll talk about later this week. I LOVE it.

I'm also wearing my favorite Banana Republic necklace which is an extra 50% off right now! DEWIT. I wear it all the time because it just changes up the most boring thing and it's really sparkly. Also, someone please buy this on-sale pair of labradorite earrings because they are super pretty. (I promise! I speaking from intimate knowledge of owning them. I mean, $8! You can't afford to not have these.)

This is my best Grown Lady LV bag. It's one of the things I'd save in a fire, assuming my cat would fit in it. Epi leather, man. And a red bag is always something you need. Maybe this one by DKNY? Dang, that is pretty. This Nine West bag is my bargain pick because it looks expensive! 

And, my feet. This poor pair of Chies needs a post-summer overhaul but they've been great. You can still find the updated version on sale at Amazon. Sandal season it just about over. Sad face.


  1. I can't quit Boden either. With the up to 70% off and an additional 20% off clearance this past weekend I placed a huge order. I anticipate 3/4 of it will go back as their stuff never seems to fit me quite right. But when it does fit the quality is great so I will keep giving things a try to find those gems. That first dress you linked to is on my radar too but I will wait for a good sale. I found their Chelsea pant in petite fits me better than any other pants I own. I want all the colors and patterns! So I feel your Boden pain.

  2. Great outfit! I just ordered 2 ON shift dresses. Including the bird print navy one, even after I promised myself no more bird print. BUT at less than $50 for 2 dresses, all in, it's basically impossible for me to resist...


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