Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sent From The Future.

A: I kept this Boden top in the red/white print and now I want owls, maybe?

Boden Ravello Top

A: Am I snow-blind?

M: Oh I think it's cute. When you said owl print I was picturing more like:

A: Actually, now I want that too.

M: No you don't.

M: Let’s try to stay on task.

A: ????

M: My six year old would love that.

A: But seriously, Boden is a slippery slope. If I look at enough quirky prints they start seeming normal and I don't know how to judge.

M: I think the Boden owl print is great and man, I wish I could pull off that cut without looking pregnant.

A: I don't know that I'm pulling it off but I don't care.

M: No it's super cute on you.

A: Now I just need Boden to be priced like Old Navy.

M: Let's focus all of our powers on that, shall we? Because the $15 fit and flare dresses from Old Navy were a terrible disappointment.

A: That is such a bummer but not very surprising.

M: I'm back to square one.

A: What about this one?

Women's Ponte Flounce Skirt Dress

M: Lands End usually fits me TERRIBLY. Makes me look super mumsy. But that looks tempting.

A: Yeah, it could definitely go either way.

M: Like, I think this looks pretty EXCEPT.

A: Mother effing CAP SLEEVES.

A: This one would be cute if you were, like, a really big fan of Star Trek:

Tahari Colorblock Ponte Fit & Flare Dress

A: Sorry, that's probably not helpful.

M: I actually LIKE that, thank you very much.

A: I like it too! I just think it looks a little...Treky.

M: Do you like how I turned your top question back into ME ME ME? I'm fun.

A: Actually, I take it back. It reminds me of my favorite color block Boden dress which is crazy flattering.

M: Everything is a little futuristic right now:

'Waterfall Twirl' Knit Fit & Flare Dress

A: Wheee:

Armani Collezioni Metallic Jersey Fit & Flare Dress

M: She’s like The Terminator! Now I want both of these, the end:

Vince Camuto Stretch Fit & Flare Dress 

Vince Camuto Crepe A-Line Dress 

A: I was just about to post the second one for you! And the black and white one is CUTE.

A: I hope The Terminator doesn't mind wearing full-body Spanx.

M: The future is exhausting. Where's my hoverboard?

A: Where's my house cleaning robot? That's all I care about.

M: I hope my robot looks like Scott Eastwood.

A: Good luck with that.

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  1. OMG, you are so not kidding about that dress from Old Navy. TERRIBLE. I ended up getting a striped one from the Gap that is much better. I wish it were a little longer but otherwise it's pretty good.