Friday, August 28, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: More Fit-and-Flare Fun.

Marianne and I are both obsessed with finding perfect fit-and-flare dresses so I thought I'd search out a few more cute options (including some excellent reader suggestions. Thanks!) As a bonus, they're all under $75:

Cute Boy Friday: The Other Man From U.N.C.L.E.

So, last weekend a very nice date took me to see The Man From U.N.C.L.E. which I loved mainly because it was so beautiful stylistically. It just nailed the look and feel of 60s caper films in a way I thought was really cool. All that said, I am just done with Henry Cavill. I don't care how good looking he is, he's a block of wood in every single movie. (Have you seen Man of Steel? Don't.)

This is his Blue Steel:

And all his other steels too. He really only has one face. Armie Hammer, on the other hand, was really pretty great and quietly stole the show. Now, maybe he's not the best actor but next to Cavill he was Oscar material and at least made you care about his character. It should also be said that they had good chemistry together in a way that was... a little distracting. So:



Get a room, you two.

Woof. Sign me up.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Adrien: Ancient History.

 I'm pretty sure I've worn some version of this outfit on the blog before. Hang on, I'll check. Yep, pretty close. But this isn't exactly the same:

I'm wearing my great, slouchy new striped Banana Republic shirt which I think will also look great with my dark straight legged jeans. My skirt is Ann Taylor from back in the day and it's still hanging in there! I've had it for at least five years so clearly a red pencil skirt is a staple. This one is a great budget choice and this one at Modcloth has really fun button details. Mine does too: 

Looks good from the back, right?  HA HA HA. I am HILARIOUS. But seriously, it does. Here's the stuff:

New and awesome Banana Republic necklace (very on sale!) that I can't stop wearing and old and awesome Giles and Brother cuffs that I also wear a lot.  Here I am laughing alone without salad: 

And here's my bag, and old Andrea Bruckner Aspen satchel, long since discontinued. You can occasionally find one eBay. It's my poor man's Mulberry Bayswater, though this Elliott Lucca is pretty similar and at a great price.

And, my trusty Lotta From Stockholm clog peeptoes. I have been wearing these a lot this summer. That's it! Off you go. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We Fit And We Flare.

M: I have request. More fit and flare dresses like our favorite Banana Republic striped one pleeeeease. I am dreading fall but feel I must accept it and move on.

A: Ugh, fall. The worst. But I'll see what I can find. It's my favorite dress.

M: I know. I KNOW. I need more dresses exactly like that. I particularly love the heavy fabric and 3/4 sleeves.

A: I will make it my mission to find more just like it.

A: This one has potential:

Boden Janie Dress

A: And this one:

Boden Alice Ponte Dress

M: I always forget about Boden!

A: I'm putting stuff in my cart all casual like a rich person.

M: the color blocked one is killing me. Probably too springy but man, I have to shoot Spring House in february and it would be so cute....

Boden Alice Ponte Dress

A: It's kooky but in a really good way.

M: Sigh, maybe it will somehow go more on sale.

A: Jyoo guys. My har is cot. IS COT.



A: How do we feel about this?

Boden Jersey Jacquard Dress

M: Cute!

A: I now have $400 worth of Boden in my cart.

M: Oops.

A: Cap sleeves are a plague.


A: I'm really over everything good being ruined by cap sleeves. Who does that even look good on?

M: Moddles

M: Potential?

Banana Republic Fit-and-Flare Dress

A: You know, I looked at that and I have Concerns about the drop waist.

M: Definitely one I would have to try on. I keep going to look at this dress:

Lilium Dress

A: Oh man, that could be so good. It's very French Ballet Teacher. In the best way.

M: I knoooooow. But it's final sale and I have zero experience with that brand. But so GOOD with some flats and a scarf in the fall.

A: Final sale makes me so nervous.

M: Me too, and I don't think that brand is known enough to re-sell. But it looks so good. Grechen likes them.

A: I got all excited about this plum dress and then was like...oh.

Lela Rose Fit-&-Flare

M: derp

A: Sorry. Plus, I guess those are cap sleeves? WHY. I quit.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review: Banana Republic Sale Rack.

Banana Republic was doing a F&F thing this past weekend so even though it's better to wait until new stuff goes on sale for real (and then gets marked down on top of that) I was curious. Kate and I went and were both underwhelmed so we wandered back to the gigantic sale section which was all an additional 40% off. (Why do they do this? Why make SO MUCH STUFF only to have it marked down to nothing? It's weird.)

There weren't a lot of dresses or jeans on sale but there was a ton of tops. Tops as far as the eye could see! Most of them were odd or unfortunate but I did, unsurprisingly, gravitate toward the striped, the sad 'n droopy and the black. It's just my way. Here's what I tried on:

V-Neck Popover Blouse 

This is the V-Neck Popover Blouse and I kind of liked it. It was blouse-y and oversized but had a deep placket in the front that kept it from being too conservative. I waffled on this one but ended up putting it back because I decided it was just a bit too square and the sleeves weren't doing me any favors. It was nice, though. It looks like it's only available in white and in a regrettable print online but there were a lot of the black version in-store.

Cutout-Back Drapey Top

This is the Cutout-Back Drapey Top. It's a thing. I feel like it has potential but would need to be worn by someone taller and with broad shoulders. So, not me. It might look great with black skinny jeans and tall boots but it was just kind of unrelenting on me. The back was cute: 


This is where the sale rack really shows it's saddest self. Someone please gather up these tanks and put them out of their misery:

Striped Linen/Cotton Tank

Oof. This is the Striped Linen/Cotton Tank and it's sole reason for existing is to make you look bad. Seriously, who would this look good on? The cap sleeves, the wide cut, it's all really just terrible. There were a lot of them on the sale rack and because I'm full of woe I also tried on this colorway:

Striped Linen/Cotton Tank

I truly wish I hadn't. The only thing this top had going for it was the cotton/linen material that's light and slubby and a bit more refined than your average cotton top. Which brings me to this:

Striped Linen Cotton Vee

This is the Striped Linen Cotton Vee and it's pretty damn good stuff. A nice small stripe, body skimming fit and that linen/cotton material that I really quite like. Plus, it's got the perfect v-neck! Not too high, not too low. Perfect. (Just don't wash it in anything but cold water ever or it will shrink like nobody's business.) The best part? I think I paid $12 for it. Score. Because I really needed another striped shirt OMGWTFBBQ.

If you’re tempted, code BRSALE will get you an extra 50% off sale stuff at Banana Republic plus get 4% cash back with eBates! (My referral link.) 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Adrien: That Fine Line.

This is a pretty typical Saturday running-around-with-Kate outfit. I am pretty minimal here and originally wasn't wearing the bracelet but there's a fine line between minimal and suuuuper boring so I thought a little something more was needed. 

My jeans are (surprise!) the Banana Republic Distressed Skinny Ankle jean that I love so much. I was happy to see that they have this style in some other washes. I especially love the gray! I'm also wearing my favorite Everlane Cotton V t-shirt. I have two in white and they're just perfect plain tees. Nothing fancy, just right and only $15.

My necklace is my old faithful J.Crew locket that I have worn to death. I'm always looking for it's eventual replacement. I wish I could afford something like this! Ha, never gonna happen. Marianne has this House of Harlow locket which I love but I don't want to be a copycat. My bracelet is a woven seed bead cuff my sister gave me a few years back and I love how cheerful it is. I can't find one exactly like it, but there are a bunch on Etsy. There's just something easy and casual about a pretty beaded cuff.

This is pre-bracelet when Daniel decided to pay me a visit and step on my toes. My usual summer bag 'n shoes that I'm sure you're all tired of seeing: MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo and Lotta From Stockholm peep toe clog sandals. 

 As per usual, my pics are a bit dark and those sandals are really a lovely bright red. Just saying.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekend Window Shopping: Back To School.

I haven't been in school for more than 20 years but I work on a college campus so it kind of feels like I'm perpetually in school. And, while I'm not AT ALL ready for summer to be over I'm okay with back-to-school shopping - it always felt like a chance to reinvent my style. I was an art school kid, so here's my art school kid wish list:

Cute Boy Friday: Looks Good MVPs.

A little love to our very favorite Cute Boys, GIF style:

You are welcome. Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Adrien: Dark and Stormy.

It was super dark and overcast when I took these photos so my apologies if they look kind of dark. The dress is navy! It's reading black on my screen and I am too dumb to know how to fix it. 

This dress is one I should probably burn because I am pretty sure Target never intended on it being worn for 3+ years. It's still kicking though and it's a really fun, easy dress to accessorize. It's long sold out but I think this LOFT dress has a very similar easy style and this navy faux wrap dress would be a nice upgrade. Oooh, and how cute is this Boden dress in the blue and white print? 

I'm wearing it with a Merona leopard print belt that is a total bargain. It's held up great and so inexpensive! Yay Target. My sandals are old Chie Mihara (surprise! eye roll) and are the most comfortable heels I own. They're long sold out and there's not much like them, but this pair of Chies has cute orange detail.

Daniel decided to come say hi. Briefly. My bag is another eBay find - an old MJ Stella in maroon (not my auction) with red suede lining. These older Marc Jacobs collection bags are amazing quality and I think they're classics. Plus, maroon is the thing right now. Check out this beautiful Fossil tote and I love this simple J.Crew tote in wine.

Details! I'm wearing a tiny pyramid stud necklace from Banana Republic that's sold out, though this Minkoff version is similar and a bit more interesting. My bracelets are Giles and Brother skinny railroad spike cuffs.

That's it for today! Just waiting for the inevitable afternoon-ruining thunderstorm...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Banana Republic Is Being Picky.

Banana Republic sent me a Luxe Card member F&F code which gives me 50% off five full price items, but excluding anything that's labeled a "BR Pick." The only issue is that freaking EVERY EFFING THING I want is a BR Pick. Like, all the bags. Every single new bag is a "BR Pick." Why not just exclude bags, Banana? Ugh. This chestnut leather tote is so gorgeous and I know it'll go on sale eventually but still.

In the meantime, I feel it's my duty to point out that my super-favorite jeans are still on sale and with 30% off code BRSALE30 are now $28. Totally worth it.

Distressed Skinny Ankle Jean
Also, Someone please buy this dress (also with the 30% code) because it's gorgeous and a total steal:

Cutout-Back Patio Dress
Okay, I'll stop now. 

Her Royal Highness Princess Beltcrown.


M: Spotted in Vogue. Princess Beltcrown and her bitter double.

A: Princess Beltcrown?

M: She has a belt on her head.

A: Oh sweet Jesus, she does. Her bitter double would like to put the belt crown in that box FOR SAFE-KEEPING NO SERIOUSLY.


A: Ah, the young Princesses Satchelcap.

M: Heir to the throne.


M: There it is.

A: You should put a belt on your head is what I'm saying.

M: Princess Beltcrown forever.

A: We are all Princess Beltcrown.

M: I think I should put a belt on Lulu's head. You'll wear that belt crown and YOU WILL LIKE IT.

A: She would own it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lazy Beauty Reviews: BROO, Clinique, Benefit, Boot No7

Hey, it's that time again where I tell you about the beauty stuff I'm using that I like. The first one, which I was most excited about, was this Korres eye shadow that Marianne gave me:


ONLY IT'S BEEN DISCONTINUED BECAUSE OF COURSE IT HAS. Internal tantrum time. Ugh. I love this shadow! It's such a good highlighter for under the brow and inner eye corner and it's magic is that it's golden rather than frosty white. Want it? You can't have it. Sorry. I'm a jerk. (I will say, Korres makes nice products overall. Have you tried the Lip Butter?)  Okay, okay, here's something you can actually buy:

Stay Don't Stray

I got a mini size of Benefit's Stay Don't Stray and started using it because it claims to be a primer for eyeshadow and concealer. I know I can use regular eye shadow primer under my eyes but it always seems to make my skin look dry and crepey. No good. This stuff isn't drying at all and it definitely helps my concealer to stay longer. I generally only use it on my eyelids if I'm just wearing a little bit of highlighter eyeshadow and eyeliner because the tint in it makes my eyelids look smooth and more uniform. I don't know that it beats Urban Decay Primer Potion for serious eye shadow priming, but it's good stuff for a simple look. 

Clinique Super Strawberry

I got this Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Super Strawberry as a Sephora perk or bonus or something. It's not a color I would've picked for myself but it's ended up being something of a workhorse for me this summer. It looks nice all by itself but it also layers really well under lip gloss or helps to tone down darker lipstick shades layered over it. It's definitely moisturizing and I love the twist-up fatty pencil. Makes it really easy to apply.

Broo Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

I got samples of the BROO Hydrating shampoo and conditioner in my Cyclebox a while ago and put them in my samples-to-use box where they sat for months. Recently I've been trying to cut down on ye olde silicone usage (I think it's making my ends all dry and tangly) and dammed if it isn't in EVERY freaking product I use. I dug out my Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 again (decent and silicone-free) and discovered that BROO products have no silicone. I used the samples up and looked around for more because this stuff is GOOD. It smells lovely (warm and vanilla-y), makes my hair super happy and legit has beer in it. Oh, and it's not crazy expensive! I mean. I've ordered full size bottles and will report back.

No7 Melting Gel Cleanser

In an effort to make my super fancy Sunday Riley cleanser (and my slightly less fancy Clinique balm cleanser) last longer, I went looking for something good but not so crazy expensive. I'd been using Cerave Hydrating cleanser as my cheaper option but it turned on me and started burning my face out of nowhere. I've used it forever! Ugh. Anyway, I found this No7 Melting Gel Cleanser at Target and I've been really impressed with it. It feels expensive and cleans my face without stripping or drying out my skin. $10! not bad at all. I've liked pretty much everything I've tried from the Boots No7 line and I always forget about it.

That's it! Now please tell me what products you've been digging lately. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Adrien: All The Neutrals, Living Together.

I wore this last week and was pretty happy with it, but man, this bag goes with everything except this. Something about that particular shade of taupe-y grey just does not play nice with olive green and caramel. I meant to change it out but couldn't make up my mind and then I was running late and...yeah. This is why I'll never be quitting my job to blog full-time. Moving on:

I'm wearing my favorite BR linen trapeze tank and I like it so much I'm considering buying it in another color. (Can I wear the apricot? Or the metallic terra cotta?) My pants are J.Crew skinny utility and they've been a great summer option. (Sold out in my color but Factory has a cute olive version.) I'm usually all skirts and shorts in the summer but my office is arctic. Details:

Did you buy this BR scarab pendant? Looks like it's already sold out but they still have the bracelet. Lucky Brand has a cute scarab necklace and this one by Valentino Garavani is just killing me even though I could never afford it.  My bracelet is MBMJ from a few years back. Marc does cool bracelets

I sure do love this MBMJ bag, even if it doesn't go with everything. My sandals are Chie Mihara and this current pair is pretty similar (and on sale.) I've been a bit pushy with the sale Chies lately but now is the time. Last week a reader pointed out that this pair is $89! 

Another pic because I couldn't make up my mind which one to use. Yay, Monday.