Wednesday, August 26, 2015

We Fit And We Flare.

M: I have request. More fit and flare dresses like our favorite Banana Republic striped one pleeeeease. I am dreading fall but feel I must accept it and move on.

A: Ugh, fall. The worst. But I'll see what I can find. It's my favorite dress.

M: I know. I KNOW. I need more dresses exactly like that. I particularly love the heavy fabric and 3/4 sleeves.

A: I will make it my mission to find more just like it.

A: This one has potential:

Boden Janie Dress

A: And this one:

Boden Alice Ponte Dress

M: I always forget about Boden!

A: I'm putting stuff in my cart all casual like a rich person.

M: the color blocked one is killing me. Probably too springy but man, I have to shoot Spring House in february and it would be so cute....

Boden Alice Ponte Dress

A: It's kooky but in a really good way.

M: Sigh, maybe it will somehow go more on sale.

A: Jyoo guys. My har is cot. IS COT.



A: How do we feel about this?

Boden Jersey Jacquard Dress

M: Cute!

A: I now have $400 worth of Boden in my cart.

M: Oops.

A: Cap sleeves are a plague.


A: I'm really over everything good being ruined by cap sleeves. Who does that even look good on?

M: Moddles

M: Potential?

Banana Republic Fit-and-Flare Dress

A: You know, I looked at that and I have Concerns about the drop waist.

M: Definitely one I would have to try on. I keep going to look at this dress:

Lilium Dress

A: Oh man, that could be so good. It's very French Ballet Teacher. In the best way.

M: I knoooooow. But it's final sale and I have zero experience with that brand. But so GOOD with some flats and a scarf in the fall.

A: Final sale makes me so nervous.

M: Me too, and I don't think that brand is known enough to re-sell. But it looks so good. Grechen likes them.

A: I got all excited about this plum dress and then was like...oh.

Lela Rose Fit-&-Flare

M: derp

A: Sorry. Plus, I guess those are cap sleeves? WHY. I quit.


  1. I can attest that the stripey and dot jacquard Boden dresses are [100 emoji]. And worth the million doll hairs they cost. :)

  2. I've been having good luck with Lands End in the heavier ponte department lately. Boden haunts my dreams, though.

  3. I second the suggestion about Lands End - I have this in black and it's been a go to for years. Behold:
    Size down.

    I also have the maternity version of this Old Navy number, and it's surprisingly great:

    1. Whoops! I just saw your link! I love those dresses. They are such a find.

  4. Old Navy

    I own two of them. They are flattering and a good weight.

  5. Great suggestions, y'all! Thanks!

  6. I have the first Boden one and love it. Bought it in two colors. It's a tad short-waisted for me (5'10") even in the tall, but the fabric is perfect, the skirt is not too poofy, and there are pockets. Highly recommend. And the discount codes they always have help with the cost.


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