Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Adrien: Skirts Are A Thing.

Looking back through the outfits I've posted this summer I noticed a complete lack of skirts. I just...stopped wearing them for no reason I can come up with. I don't actually have that many but I do have a few (that I've had forever) that I really love so I decided to dust one off and wear it:

Hey there, leopard print pencil skirt! Mine is from Ann Taylor (back in the days of yore when things there were good) but I found a couple of great options including this Vince Camuto number and this one by Calvin Klein.  If you're a wealthy person, this Max Mara skirt is amazing. My top is from Banana Republic and I bought it a few months ago, so of course it's gone. But! The Notched Sleeveless Popover Blouse is nearly identical. (I actually like it a little better because the notched detail is so cute.)

I totally bought that BR Scarab Pendant necklace and it's really pretty great. A nice weighty piece and I love how long the chain is. It's still on sale! I'm also wearing a Fisticuffs leather cuff I bought at a craft show years ago.

My bag is MBMJ and it's an old style, but it's not hard to find an amazing blue Marc bag at a great price. This one is gorgeous and also on sale! My shoes are an old pair of Chie Mihara and the best thing about them is the solid round heel. The only thing that would make it better is if the heel was gold like this pair. (OMG please someone buy those.) 

And finally, Daniel wanted to say hi:

He is such a little ham, my cat.


  1. Daniel looks great with your outfit. Or rather, your outfit goes well with Daniel!

  2. This might be my favorite outfit ever. The close up of the necklace, skirt and bracelet? Awesome!! Love it all.

  3. Lovely outfit! Pencil skirts are so simple, yet soooo elegant and feminine.

  4. So chic, love this! And that Dancat is one handsome fella.

  5. I've been meaning to ask- what's nail polish color on your toes.

    1. I wish I could tell you! I just picked it off the wall at the nail salon. It wasn't OPI or Essie, just some random brand.

  6. I love this outfit on you, and the skirt makes you look absolutely tiny!!