Thursday, August 27, 2015

Adrien: Ancient History.

 I'm pretty sure I've worn some version of this outfit on the blog before. Hang on, I'll check. Yep, pretty close. But this isn't exactly the same:

I'm wearing my great, slouchy new striped Banana Republic shirt which I think will also look great with my dark straight legged jeans. My skirt is Ann Taylor from back in the day and it's still hanging in there! I've had it for at least five years so clearly a red pencil skirt is a staple. This one is a great budget choice and this one at Modcloth has really fun button details. Mine does too: 

Looks good from the back, right?  HA HA HA. I am HILARIOUS. But seriously, it does. Here's the stuff:

New and awesome Banana Republic necklace (very on sale!) that I can't stop wearing and old and awesome Giles and Brother cuffs that I also wear a lot.  Here I am laughing alone without salad: 

And here's my bag, and old Andrea Bruckner Aspen satchel, long since discontinued. You can occasionally find one eBay. It's my poor man's Mulberry Bayswater, though this Elliott Lucca is pretty similar and at a great price.

And, my trusty Lotta From Stockholm clog peeptoes. I have been wearing these a lot this summer. That's it! Off you go. 


  1. wait, what? how are you aging in reverse? i need that dang sunday riley stuff, apparently.

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  3. LOVE the button detailing on that skirt, very sassy! (previous comment deleted due to typo embarrassment)


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