Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Review: Banana Republic Sale Rack.

Banana Republic was doing a F&F thing this past weekend so even though it's better to wait until new stuff goes on sale for real (and then gets marked down on top of that) I was curious. Kate and I went and were both underwhelmed so we wandered back to the gigantic sale section which was all an additional 40% off. (Why do they do this? Why make SO MUCH STUFF only to have it marked down to nothing? It's weird.)

There weren't a lot of dresses or jeans on sale but there was a ton of tops. Tops as far as the eye could see! Most of them were odd or unfortunate but I did, unsurprisingly, gravitate toward the striped, the sad 'n droopy and the black. It's just my way. Here's what I tried on:

V-Neck Popover Blouse 

This is the V-Neck Popover Blouse and I kind of liked it. It was blouse-y and oversized but had a deep placket in the front that kept it from being too conservative. I waffled on this one but ended up putting it back because I decided it was just a bit too square and the sleeves weren't doing me any favors. It was nice, though. It looks like it's only available in white and in a regrettable print online but there were a lot of the black version in-store.

Cutout-Back Drapey Top

This is the Cutout-Back Drapey Top. It's a thing. I feel like it has potential but would need to be worn by someone taller and with broad shoulders. So, not me. It might look great with black skinny jeans and tall boots but it was just kind of unrelenting on me. The back was cute: 


This is where the sale rack really shows it's saddest self. Someone please gather up these tanks and put them out of their misery:

Striped Linen/Cotton Tank

Oof. This is the Striped Linen/Cotton Tank and it's sole reason for existing is to make you look bad. Seriously, who would this look good on? The cap sleeves, the wide cut, it's all really just terrible. There were a lot of them on the sale rack and because I'm full of woe I also tried on this colorway:

Striped Linen/Cotton Tank

I truly wish I hadn't. The only thing this top had going for it was the cotton/linen material that's light and slubby and a bit more refined than your average cotton top. Which brings me to this:

Striped Linen Cotton Vee

This is the Striped Linen Cotton Vee and it's pretty damn good stuff. A nice small stripe, body skimming fit and that linen/cotton material that I really quite like. Plus, it's got the perfect v-neck! Not too high, not too low. Perfect. (Just don't wash it in anything but cold water ever or it will shrink like nobody's business.) The best part? I think I paid $12 for it. Score. Because I really needed another striped shirt OMGWTFBBQ.

If you’re tempted, code BRSALE will get you an extra 50% off sale stuff at Banana Republic plus get 4% cash back with eBates! (My referral link.) 


  1. Oh my god that black top is GREAT! (And great on you.)

  2. I actually just sol'd (snickered out loud) at your descriptions. Regrettable indeed.

  3. Bea Arthur in that regrettable print blouse with gigantic palazzo pants to match would be unforgettable! They didn't have matching palazzo pants, did they?

  4. I like the cut put grey top! Like you say, with boots and slim pants.


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