Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Her Royal Highness Princess Beltcrown.


M: Spotted in Vogue. Princess Beltcrown and her bitter double.

A: Princess Beltcrown?

M: She has a belt on her head.

A: Oh sweet Jesus, she does. Her bitter double would like to put the belt crown in that box FOR SAFE-KEEPING NO SERIOUSLY.


A: Ah, the young Princesses Satchelcap.

M: Heir to the throne.


M: There it is.

A: You should put a belt on your head is what I'm saying.

M: Princess Beltcrown forever.

A: We are all Princess Beltcrown.

M: I think I should put a belt on Lulu's head. You'll wear that belt crown and YOU WILL LIKE IT.

A: She would own it.


  1. YES Princess Beltcrown. This was amazing, thank you for the laugh. I did not see the selfie coming!

  2. What the everloving... my child who loves to make anything ANYTHING into a crown wouldn't even wear that shizz. Though Adrien you do rock it...

  3. Well, now your Instagram post makes more sense. :) Someone should tell the girl on the right in the first picture that she needs to cross her legs or at least adjust her skirt. Princess Beltcrown's friend needs to be a little more ladylike!