Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Glad That's Settled.

M: Of course that IG dude is on some Tinder trip.

A: Wha?

M: Brock O'Hurn.

A: He’s on Tinder?

M: He thanked Tinder for the trip he's on right now.

A: OH. Of course. Of COURSE Tinder is paying him to travel to exotic locales.

M: Duh.

M: Let's convince people that you can meet THAT GUY on Tinder.

A: HAAAA. Nope. NOOOOOPPPPEEEE.  But seriously, no.

M: Devious.

A: That guy just walks out of his house and..boom. Ladies.

M: Spontaneously naked.

A: He’s 6’7”! Tree climbing time.

M: He's ENORMOUS. Like Thor.


M: A Giant Sex Viking.

A: Is he straight, do we know? Not that it matters, but I just don't feel like the universe works that way.

M: Well he's on Tinder not Grinder, But who knows.

M: I feel like he would only have sex with like aliens.

A: Yes, who does he have sex with? He’s enormous.

M: Maybe dolphins.

A: Centaurs.

M: Yes a nice centaur.

A: He kind of looks like the non-horse part of a centaur.

M: He really kind of does.

The man half.

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