Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): LOFT Sale.

I don't shop at LOFT very often because the stores in my town are at the far-flung malls that I don't visit much. To be honest, I forget about LOFT. But, they send me emails and every now and then I check out the site and I'm always pleasantly surprised. Nice stuff! And right now they have an automatic extra 40% off sale items (fair warning- it's all final sale) a lot of which would transition nicely into fall. Here's what I thought looked promising:

This Blouson Dress is the perfect blank canvas for fun accessories. I mean, it would go with everything. Everything! I love it. 

These Cast Drop Earrings are so pretty and would look great with that Blouson dress. I am planning your outfit. You're welcome.

This Racer Stripe Jogger Skirt could go either way, you know? But it's interesting and I love the how the piping breaks up the line of the stripe. It's cool. 

This Safari Shirtdress would look great with those tall cognac boots you can't wait to wear but please actually tie the belt around your waist. I don't really know what's going on here.

This Slubbed Open Cardigan also comes in an aggressive aqua color which is definitely a summer-only thing. This saturated yellow, however, would look fantastic in the fall with purple or navy. Yes.


This Summer Softened Shirt just looks so comfortable and the orchid color is flattering on almost everyone. 

Hey, it's August. You need Retro Sunglasses, right? This are rad. 

Now, go forth and acquire bargains! Don't forget to use eBates for a 2.0% cash back! (Stingy, but every bit helps. Also, that's my referral link.) 


  1. I just bought linen shorts and a teal eyelet dress last week. The dress was $30 from $90!

  2. Was just at the Loft and saw this dress .. the material is sooo soft. I should have tried it on, but .. I'm so trying not to be attracted to gray :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. I like the length of the skirts! Sometimes they look a bit too short when I am shopping online. E.g. Old Navy. Thanks!


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