Friday, September 30, 2011

Marianne: Blaze of Glory.

I am still loving my new blazer, but it hasn't become a seamless part of my wardrobe yet. I had a feeling that the issue was that I didn't have a lot of tops that I felt went with it well--it pairs best with something that comes up pretty high in the back. So when I spotted this top at Target for $19, I snapped it up.
I love the color combo for fall, and it looks great peeking out of the back of the blazer. Do ignore the poppet trying to turn me into a pumpkin.
And, rats, I forgot to get a gratuitous picture of my feet, so here is some bracelet and bag action instead. And yes, I do have other bags, and no, I haven't carried them in months.

jacket: T by Alexander Wang Cotton Jersey Blazer (also in grey here)
top: Target
jeans: Paige Hidden Hills Bootcut
shoes: Miz Mooz Rain Clog (on major sale!)
bag: Su-Shi Old Skool Mini in Honey
bracelets: Target, vintage, handmade

Thursday, September 29, 2011

20 Things We Hate About The Sartorialist.

Image: The Talks

A: Well, now. What an interview! Should we make a list?

M: 1. Doesn't he do work for magazines? Not any more.

A: 2. Does the SHobbit not realize that he, himself, IS A BLOGGER.

M: 3. The wine glass in that picture? Is one of these:

A: 4. he's wearing that scarf like a girl.

M: 5. I don't think "integrity" means what he thinks it means.

A: 6. Case in point: His major advertiser? AMERICAN APPAREL.

M: 7. What? Dov Charney is known for his integrity. And for sexual harassment, defiling himself in front of journalists, ETCETERA.

A: 8. You know what really jumped out at me in that interview? The Shobbit is pants-peeingly scared of Tavi. Like, fucking terrified.

A: 8b. Really, you had to mention Dov Charney?

M: 9. He totally IS! She is but a wee little GIRL!

M: 9b. Hey, I am just reporting the facts here.

A: 10. Yeah, a wee little girl that towers over him.



A: 12. He's such a little bitch that he'll take photos of her friends TO MAKE MONEY ON HIS BLOG and then turn around and slag her for not being "a serious adult."

M: 13. Because she now has a MAGAZINE and he has...several pairs of pants that need to be hemmed?

A: 14. Pants needing alterations and a girlfriend who should be horrified but probably isn't.

M: 15. She isn't ALLOWED to be horrified. Plus...all the sex. Aaaand, now I hate myself.


A:16b. Um, how does that even work, do you think?

M: 17. I have fired MYSELF. From life.

M: 17b. I think there are pulleys involved.


A:18b. I am dead.




Adrien: Closet Purgatory.

I totally forgot I had this dress! I bought it back in the spring and wore it a few times, then summer came and it got tucked away. It's great! So easy to accessorize and the color matches my raging angry bull mood this week. However, it's freaking dry-clean only which means you'll never see it again. Its now hanging in purgatory with my other ten "dry-clean only" items of clothing that will never see the inside of a dry cleaner because that would involve me TAKING THE CLOTHES TO THE DRY CLEANER. AND GIVING THEM MONEY. AND REMEMBERING TO GO PICK THEM UP AGAIN. Yeah, so. I hope you enjoyed this dress because it's a gonner.


dress: Velvet (similar)
cardigan: Ann Taylor (similar)
shoes: Chie Mihara
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marianne: Fall fall fall.

Clothing reviews are kind of befuddling, aren't they? On the one hand, I am thankful to have them, but on the other, I couldn't believe that people were suggesting I order this Old Navy dress one or TWO sizes smaller than usual. But I was kind of obsessed with this dress, and it's not in stores here, so I held my breath and ordered a size small, and:
It fits perfectly and I basically LOVE it. You can see the pattern better below. The colors are fantastic and the cut is perfection. It has sleeves! My only fear is that I will wash it once and it will shrink or do something awful, but I will have to report back on that...
And yes, I've hauled out the boots. These are a trusty, old investment from 10+ years ago, still hanging in there.
I also bought the blue version of this dress in the only size available at the time, an XS. But you will just have to sit tight to find out whether or not that worked.

dress: Old Navy Tie-Front Kimono-Sleeve Dress
boots: Donna Karen (similar here)
bracelets: various handmade and vintage

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Planet Lanphear has Calfskin Air.



M: Why are you torturing yourself?

A: I can't stop! I just CAN'T STOP.

M: It is just cruel.


M: She is Not Of This World, Adrien.


M: Is she on a beach?! I am sorry, but that is the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen.

A: NO. It's some palace in Paris. But, I did not actually get invited to the Vitkor & Rolf show, so it's probably on the moon.

M: The moon is terribly sandy. Anna Wintour is looking into replacing it with calfskin.

A: Like you know everything? Anna Wintour will probably be successful.

M: It is already done, and it is fabulous.

A: Sooo... can Kate Lanphear be replaced with me? Can Wintour make that happen?

M: Oh, certainly. Just sacrifice Miley Cyrus in the light of a gibbous moon.

A: I'm on it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Adrien: Fussy

There's a lot going on here, but I think it works okay. It was just a fussy outfit to keep straight - the skirt tends to want to gape at the buttons and blouse-y tops always seem to want to go crazy on me, but I was happy with the overall look. Also, dark purple is a neutral! I am just going to throw that out there. It is. Totally.

top: Target (similar and here)
skirt: LOFT (similar)
cardigan: Ann Taylor (similar)
necklace: Old Navy (similar)
shoes: Frye (similar)
bag: Marc Jacobs (similar)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Adrien: A List of Crap That Falls Under Want (not Need.)


So. Blue jeggings. Yeah. Blue. Jeggings:

Teen Girls' Denim by American Eagle at ShopStyle

Where would I wear these? Nowhere, that's where. But aren't they awesomely BLUE?

I want this real bad. If you follow me on Twitter (and you should) there's a funny story about it:

Necklaces by J.Crew at ShopStyle

Marianne wants these. My friend Kate bought them. I tried them on and OH MY GOD. People:

Boots by UGG at ShopStyle

They are in my future. I am telling you. I will not be a good person again until they are mineallmine.

And finally, in the category of "I Don't Have the Life for This Dress", I am totally f'ing crazy for this:

Black Dresses by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle


That Guy.

M: I want to show you these shark pants. Shark...pants?

A: What is it with... boys?

M: The critter pant thing, I will never in my life get it.

A: Never. Never ever. I suppose it's better than whales or crabs. Or lobsters. God, really? WHAT IS GOING ON.

M: It's so Andy Bernard, all of it!

A: I do love Andy Bernard. He is so That Guy.

M: SO That Guy. What's funny is That Guy can be from Connecticut just as easily as he can be from Alabama. But do they have That Guy in the Midwest? West Coast?

A: That Guy is definitely in the Midwest. On the West Coast he has bongs on his pants instead of the usual crustacean. Or maybe:

M: But see, then I think That Guy? Turns into This Guy:

A: All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marianne: Not Kidding.

I figured out how to wear this dress without feeling like a victim of the Ice Skating Challenge on Project Runway. Wear flats!

And a sweater, because it's chilly in the morning, y'all.
And in case you thought I was kidding, a shot of my SCARY FEET.
The back of this dress is kind of the best part.
dress: Atmosphere (similar here)
cardigan: tag has been lost, but similar here
shoes: French Sole (similar here)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adrien: You thought I was kidding?

They are stuck on my feet, y'all. SORRY. The dress I'm wearing is one of those should-be-easy-but-not-so-much type things. The sleeves make it difficult to layer so the weather has to be...medium. And it's really low cut, so I have to pin it. And yeah, I don't know. I like the color? How about that. Here:

dress: Max Studio
jacket: Banana Republic (similar)
shoes: Chie Mihara
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo
necklace: Charming Charlie (similar)
bracelet: Fisticuffs Leather

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Devil in Skin Tight Leather.

M: Look at this chick, RUNNING in those shoes!

A: Poor thing doesn't realized she tucked that toilet seat protector right into her pants. How embarrassing!

M: Maybe that's why she is running? But seriously, I would SO fall down. This is like Fashion PhD work.

A: Um, she's a trained model, Marianne. You think that shit is easy? I am sure she at least has a Masters in Fashion Jumping.

M: Dude to the left of her is just as fascinated as me, FYI.

A: He doesn't seem fascinated so much as completely disgusted.

M: He is probably distracted by her sturdy legs. The SHobbit would say that's no model.

A: She does have visible muscle. Uh oh.

M: She might even be a size 4. Clearly plus size.

A: And look at her trying to outrun that car! She's clearly been ousted as a fraud.

M: Poor thing must be so scared.

A: I kind of love that jacket, though.

M: You so want to be Rizzo in Grease, don't you.

A: Want to be?

M: Are?

A: Thank you. Because Rizzo is the BEST CHARACTER IN THAT MOVIE.

M: No argument from me on that, though I have a soft spot for Frenchie:

A: Oh, she's the cutest. Why do I love Grease? It's so terrible.

M: I don't KNOW. It is really awful. But it could be worse. We could love Grease 2.

A: Um, Grease 2 has Maxwell Caulfield in it who was a BABE. So much cuter than John Travolta, who really wasn't ever cute at all.

Oh yeah, and Michelle Pfeiffer who's trying to get it stricken from the record.

M: I am certainly NOT singing Cool Rider to myself right now. No ma'am.

A: HA. I knew it. I think we all secretly love Grease 2.

M: Pretty much. I love that danged season song, too. Though Maxwell Caulfield will always, always be Rex Manning to me.

A: Eh, I suppose.

M: No to Empire Records? Really? I was OBSESSED.

A: I think I missed it somehow. I've seen it, but I don't think I saw it when I was supposed to. I'm pretty sure Singles was my Empire Records.

M: Ah. I liked Singles fine, but I can seriously sing every song from the Empire Records soundtrack. It's a little sad. Also, I thought he was so cute:

Oh, '90's.

A: Hee. He's like the poor man's River Phoenix.

M: Oh, totally. All appropriately disheveled hair and artfully baggy sweaters.

A: Goddamn River Phoenix. I'm sad.

M: Sigh.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Adrien: Still with the shoes.

I have realized that with certain things, like shoes and boots, I'd rather have quality over quantity. I have two other pairs of Chies and I've worn them constantly. They are expensive, but I'm hard on shoes and Chies really hold up and still look fantastic years later. Cheap sandals I'm fine with, but cheap shoes never quite work for me. If that means I buy one or two pairs of shoes per season instead of six, so be it.

This outfit is from last week, before the weather went all stupid and cold for the weekend. I am pretty much going to wear these shoes until my toes are blue and then I'll switch directly to boots:

top: Ann Taylor (similar)
skirt: Anthropologie (not very similar, but cute)
shoes: Chie Mihara Indurna (similar)
necklace: Forever21(similar)