Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Devil in Skin Tight Leather.

M: Look at this chick, RUNNING in those shoes!

A: Poor thing doesn't realized she tucked that toilet seat protector right into her pants. How embarrassing!

M: Maybe that's why she is running? But seriously, I would SO fall down. This is like Fashion PhD work.

A: Um, she's a trained model, Marianne. You think that shit is easy? I am sure she at least has a Masters in Fashion Jumping.

M: Dude to the left of her is just as fascinated as me, FYI.

A: He doesn't seem fascinated so much as completely disgusted.

M: He is probably distracted by her sturdy legs. The SHobbit would say that's no model.

A: She does have visible muscle. Uh oh.

M: She might even be a size 4. Clearly plus size.

A: And look at her trying to outrun that car! She's clearly been ousted as a fraud.

M: Poor thing must be so scared.

A: I kind of love that jacket, though.

M: You so want to be Rizzo in Grease, don't you.

A: Want to be?

M: Are?

A: Thank you. Because Rizzo is the BEST CHARACTER IN THAT MOVIE.

M: No argument from me on that, though I have a soft spot for Frenchie:

A: Oh, she's the cutest. Why do I love Grease? It's so terrible.

M: I don't KNOW. It is really awful. But it could be worse. We could love Grease 2.

A: Um, Grease 2 has Maxwell Caulfield in it who was a BABE. So much cuter than John Travolta, who really wasn't ever cute at all.

Oh yeah, and Michelle Pfeiffer who's trying to get it stricken from the record.

M: I am certainly NOT singing Cool Rider to myself right now. No ma'am.

A: HA. I knew it. I think we all secretly love Grease 2.

M: Pretty much. I love that danged season song, too. Though Maxwell Caulfield will always, always be Rex Manning to me.

A: Eh, I suppose.

M: No to Empire Records? Really? I was OBSESSED.

A: I think I missed it somehow. I've seen it, but I don't think I saw it when I was supposed to. I'm pretty sure Singles was my Empire Records.

M: Ah. I liked Singles fine, but I can seriously sing every song from the Empire Records soundtrack. It's a little sad. Also, I thought he was so cute:

Oh, '90's.

A: Hee. He's like the poor man's River Phoenix.

M: Oh, totally. All appropriately disheveled hair and artfully baggy sweaters.

A: Goddamn River Phoenix. I'm sad.

M: Sigh.


  1. I'll be your girl for all seasosn, all the year through.....Ah ah ah (ah ah ah ah) 'cause I love to be everything to youuuuu, just you....

    I once bonded with a new friend when I knew what she meant when she said "Needs more ketchup!" Yes, I'm a dork.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh River Phoenix ... good lord just lookit that boy.

  3. Thanks for putting "Cool Rider" in my head for the rest of the day. No, really. It's awesome.

  4. A coooool rider. A co-oo-oo-ool rider. Dammit.

  5. If he's cool enough he can burn me through and through, WHOAAA!

  6. Oh Rexy, you are SO sexy! (**couldn't help myself. sorry. i'll let myself out now.**)

  7. She's not a model; that's Emily Weiss from IntotheGloss.com.


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