Thursday, September 29, 2011

Adrien: Closet Purgatory.

I totally forgot I had this dress! I bought it back in the spring and wore it a few times, then summer came and it got tucked away. It's great! So easy to accessorize and the color matches my raging angry bull mood this week. However, it's freaking dry-clean only which means you'll never see it again. Its now hanging in purgatory with my other ten "dry-clean only" items of clothing that will never see the inside of a dry cleaner because that would involve me TAKING THE CLOTHES TO THE DRY CLEANER. AND GIVING THEM MONEY. AND REMEMBERING TO GO PICK THEM UP AGAIN. Yeah, so. I hope you enjoyed this dress because it's a gonner.


dress: Velvet (similar)
cardigan: Ann Taylor (similar)
shoes: Chie Mihara
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo


  1. Gah, I love this whole shebang! But I feel you on the dry cleaning. I recently (after working here for 4.5 years, but I digress) found out that there is dry cleaning pick up and delivery AT MY OFFICE. But! You have to remember to bring your stuff and you STILL HAVE TO PAY THEM WTF.

  2. Dudes! The only things I actually take to the dry cleaners are wool coats.
    Teeny bit of Woolite for darks, cold water in the sink, soak, swish, drain, rinse and drape over a garment rack if it'll stretch when you hang it. Then fluff on low or NO heat in the dryer when it's dry.
    I have never ruined anything that said dry clean only. Not cashmere, not silk.

  3. Lara, for some stuff, absolutely. But this dress is made of some weird rayon mix that seems like the kind of thing that would immediately shrink and pill up if it came anywhere near water.

    However! I agree that cashmere is one of those things that should never be dry-cleaned. I always hand wash my cashmere sweaters.

  4. It's a beautiful dress! I have some items too for dry clean and like you say I forget to pick them up also ;-)

  5. Splurge on the dry cleaner. You look fantastic in that dress!

  6. love your dress and this combination! xoo

  7. I hand wash almost all of my DCO clothes and hang/lay flat, then steam them and they are fine! I suggest you look into alternatives. If you're unsure about a fabric, google it first (and learn from the successes/errors of others).