Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marianne: Anniversary.

We celebrated our anniversary a few days ago, and, well. I bought the jacket. I just couldn't help myself.
It is incredibly soft, cozy, and well constructed. I am looking forward to figuring out how to really incorporate it into my wardrobe this fall. It's basically like a work appropriate sweatshirt.
The back detail is really fun, if a little drafty.
And, okay, the clutch is new (to me) as well. An eBay triumph, and something I have been stalking for months. It is pretty fun.
If you want an outtake photo, I am accepting caption ideas for the following. Be nice.
skirt: J. Crew (similar here)
top: Velvet (similar here)
necklace: Diana Warner (similar here)
bracelets: homemade, vintage, Target (the holy trinity)
shoes: J. Crew (similar here)


  1. Ohhh, I LOVE this jacket. Excellent seems like the type of thing that you could add to any outfit to instantly look like you know exactly what you're doing! Pieces like that are the best...and this one with its rich purple color and comfy jersey seems like it would be easy to both dress up and stay casual.

  2. Adore the new jacket. Its quite unique and versatile. Looks great on you.

  3. Thanks, guys! JGB, it's actually a slightly faded black, but the brightly overcast day washed it out. I just love it.

  4. That jacket is awesome. It fits you perfectly and it's just so cool. I love a classic with a good twist. The new clutch is beautiful, too. Such a great color. I hope you had a happy anniversary!

  5. I just bought that clutch last week! It looks great. I'm so excited for it to arrive!

  6. Hi Marianne. I love and am very tempted by the jacket (my 15th wedding anniversary is next Wednesday). Does it run true to size? I'm trying to resist by telling myself that it's dry-clean only, and I don't need to increase my dry cleaning bill.

  7. Hey Kelly! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!I got the size Medium (8), and I would say it is true to size, yes. And honestly, I don't plan to dry clean it. It's 100% cotton jersey, so I will wash it on cold and dry it flat on a rack. Your mileage may vary, though.

  8. Love T by AW and this jacket looks fabulous on you!!