Thursday, September 1, 2011

Big Love.

A: Um...

M: That's what the slutty sister wife wears!

A: I don't have words. No words. WORDS GOT NONE.

M: I have words. So many words. I am inspired to write a haiku.

A: I am inspired to go ahead and leave now.

my neck is so hot
kneecaps freeze
awful dress tortures

A: Please make sure you check out the back view. It gave me a seizure:

a keyhole back means
easy access
for the mole people

A: Dude, you are freaking me out.

M: I think I blacked out for a minute.

A: I'm not surprize ruffle-fins will do that to a girl.

M: Are you speaking English?

A: Sorry jus small stroke wah.

M: Does this mean I get your bags?

M: I mean, OMG, are you okay???

A: NO.

M: Faker.

A: That Gap dress would look really nice on you. You should buy it.

M: You know what would look great on you? This:

A: that?

M: Your new dress, silly.

A: I am just going to lay down right here and die. Bye!

M: *sneaks past to get to your bags*

A: *sticks out leg and trips you on the way*



  1. I already knew I had questionable tastes on my best days. I have to say I kinda love the first dress and would totally wear it. But I did also date a Mormon so..... :P

  2. I have had to give the side eye to so many Gap items lately. What is happening?

  3. I emailed that exact horrid Gap dress to my sister but a few weeks ago with the subject "What is this?"

    Atrocious. Why Gap, why?

  4. See how pissed off the Gap model looks?

  5. Love you guys... you make me laugh

  6. That first dress seems like it was made by someone showing off their newly acquired sewing skills. "See? I can do ruffles, and I can do a mock turtleneck, and I can make a tie in the back..."

  7. Painting smock in the front, ugly denim bridesmaids dress in the back!

  8. I'm with Hillary. I love the Gap dress.