Friday, September 2, 2011

Marianne: Wanty for Fall 2011.

As I already established, I am not ready for summer to end. But I will admit, I came across this image on Pinterest...

And my ears kind of twitched. And next thing I knew, I was browsing for the perfect thin, soft, plaid cotton shirt.

Old Navy at ShopStyle

Forever 21 at ShopStyle

I think I have plenty of chunky sweaters, but I am dissatisfied with my skinny jeans. Like Adrien, I am fully embracing a higher rise. These are well rated, inexpensive, and I think they are cute enough to warrant a try.
Levi's at ShopStyle
LinkI also really want some non-denim casual pants...maybe some corduroy flares? These are fun and would look great with clogs:

Free People at ShopStyle

I feel like my style turns more casual in the fall, so I'd like to add a few dressier items to my closet. I can't pull off the pencil skirts like Adrien, but I love this similarly-hued skirt:
J.Crew at ShopStyle

I think it would be especially sweet with a contrasting suede skinny belt.
Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I also really need to replenish my cardigan stash. Too many of them were threadbare, pilled, faded, or stretched, so I donated a ton. I'd like a pumpkiny color, and maybe something cobalt blue, or purple.
Anthropologie at ShopStyle
I have also had my eye on a jersey blazer since LAST winter. This one intrigues me with the cut out back. What do you think? Too weird? I don't know why I am so drawn to this.
Alexander Wang at ShopStyle
Shoe-wise, I'm not craving much...yet. I still don't own a pair of brown dress boots, which would be nice. And I am still pining for the Ugg Lynnea Clog Boot. In Chestnut, if you please.
UGG at ShopStyle
As much as I still love my super slouchy field jacket from this spring, I'd love something a bit sleeker. Adrien's J.Crew jacket is fabulous, but I am going to check out this guy first:
Old Navy at ShopStyle

To round things out, I'd like a floral dress in neutral tones, along these lines (has anyone seen that in person?), and I need to spruce up my tights and socks drawer as well. Oh dear. I feel like last fall I was apathetic about shopping (remember the shopping ban?!), but this year I have a for-real wish list. It's a spreadsheet. I am not kidding.


  1. OMG, want those Levi's. I just dropped $$$ on new jeans including a "regular" rise from H&M and an American Eagle jegging that wasn't Britney Spears low and rested about an inch below my belly button. Love that I can wear denim to work since I'm semi-relegated to all black for everything else.

  2. Oh, Marianne, that ON jacket is terrrrrible! I am a pretty solid medium at ON, sometimes a small in tops, and ordered that in both colors in medium tall. The arm holes are wee and it is cut really small across the shoulders, and I rarely have a problem with shoulder fit so I don’t think it is me. The fabric is a lot thinner than I was expecting and it isn’t lined, so it is almost a glorified shirt. I returned both colors immediately. I got them with a code for $35/each and honestly I would not pay more than maybe $20, and that is only if sizing up worked for a better fit.

  3. Oh I love the coat! The triangle is neat.

  4. both of you need a purple skirt!

    Yes! I still want some sleek flat brown boots too. I don't really NEED them but I'm doing another shopping ban of sorts this Fall. I'm no fun at all!

    I reeeeeeallly love that blazer with the cut out.

  5. I love that orange cardigan- the little knit details look great- and I echo every one else in saying that AW blazer is superb!


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