Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adrien: A Tale of Two Chies.

This is one of those shopping stories that I fear will make me seem crazy. I will keep it short.

So, I bought a gorgeous pair of Chie Mihara pumps that were more than 75% off the retail price. I loved them. I swooned. I could not keep them on my damn feet. No amount of heel or foot padding seemed to fix it, so I sold them on eBay for twice what I paid and bought these:

They are less seasonally diverse but I LOVE THEM. They are my yellow wedges. The end! PS. Here's the rest of the outfit:

dress: Ann Taylor (similar)
shoes: Chie Mihara (similar)
bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAM
cardigan: ancient


  1. Those are some super sweet shoes. We can wear our Chies together and fight crime or at least look really good.

  2. We could fight crime! Or maybe just hang out and look cool.

  3. You could just write "chie" over and over again, and I would clap, giggle, and say it was the best post ever. sigh. I think I have an addiction. I love those little gold buckles. They tickle my brain.

    I think I need a new cat- what a great cat name: "Chie Mihara, No!!"

  4. Awww so sad those others never ended up working. Love the new shoes though!

  5. Thanks! I love them a lot - completely comfortable right out of the box. And I agree, it's the little gold buckles!

  6. Haha - I totally agree with Sara's comment! LOVE the shoes. They are fabulous.