Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marianne: Fall fall fall.

Clothing reviews are kind of befuddling, aren't they? On the one hand, I am thankful to have them, but on the other, I couldn't believe that people were suggesting I order this Old Navy dress one or TWO sizes smaller than usual. But I was kind of obsessed with this dress, and it's not in stores here, so I held my breath and ordered a size small, and:
It fits perfectly and I basically LOVE it. You can see the pattern better below. The colors are fantastic and the cut is perfection. It has sleeves! My only fear is that I will wash it once and it will shrink or do something awful, but I will have to report back on that...
And yes, I've hauled out the boots. These are a trusty, old investment from 10+ years ago, still hanging in there.
I also bought the blue version of this dress in the only size available at the time, an XS. But you will just have to sit tight to find out whether or not that worked.

dress: Old Navy Tie-Front Kimono-Sleeve Dress
boots: Donna Karen (similar here)
bracelets: various handmade and vintage


  1. I am telling you..Old Navy gets it SO RIGHT sometimes..I have had so much luck there with little wardrobe builders that are fun and interesting and don't break the bank.

    I NEVER read the reviews, my opinion is NEVER the same as the folks on there...
    You look great LOVE the dress.

  2. That dress is adorable! I just got an old navy dress I loved and followed the advice of reviewers to size up for it (which with old navy is usually not even fathomable). But they were right!