Monday, September 19, 2011

Adrien: Still with the shoes.

I have realized that with certain things, like shoes and boots, I'd rather have quality over quantity. I have two other pairs of Chies and I've worn them constantly. They are expensive, but I'm hard on shoes and Chies really hold up and still look fantastic years later. Cheap sandals I'm fine with, but cheap shoes never quite work for me. If that means I buy one or two pairs of shoes per season instead of six, so be it.

This outfit is from last week, before the weather went all stupid and cold for the weekend. I am pretty much going to wear these shoes until my toes are blue and then I'll switch directly to boots:

top: Ann Taylor (similar)
skirt: Anthropologie (not very similar, but cute)
shoes: Chie Mihara Indurna (similar)
necklace: Forever21(similar)

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  1. I agree! My more expensive shoes always last longer than my cheap shoes, so I feel like they're worth it.


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