Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Adrien: Fall Things. Yay I Guess.

And...it's officially fall and the weather immediately went sharply colder because FINE WHATEVER. Ahem. But, the (only) upside of this is that I can wear things I haven't touched in a while, like my J.Crew Downtown Field Jacket:

 ...and the striped Banana Republic dress I bought last winter and totally forgot about. 

It's a good one. They have another striped dress that looks interesting but I have a Striped Thing Problem so it's probably best if I don't investigate. I'm wearing this dress with my new Frye Emma flats which are much more comfortable on their second wear. I think they're going to break in nicely. 

I'm also still very happy with my new little bag - the color makes me really happy and the size is only a problem when I need room for an emergency cardigan. (Hush. This is totally a thing.) 

My necklace is also from last winter - J.Crew, the land of awesomely weird tasseled things

So, yeah. Stripes, tassels, MBMJ and Frye. All The Fall Things! If We Must! 


  1. I bought that striped dress in another colour last winter. I love the fit and thick fabric. You look great! Coveting the colour of that bag.

  2. Adrien, are you wearing the black field jacket there, or the green/brown one? Also, I might need a new tassel necklace.

    1. I'm wearing my green/brown one. I've resisted buying the black one.

    2. I think you should continue resisting, because honestly in that picture it looks like you are wearing the black. The color looks so similar!

  3. The new flats look great! ~Anon L.