Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Adrien: Summer Budget, August.

So before I get into this I should mention that a few things happened in August that made my financial situation quite a bit better, so even though I tried to keep a budget frame of mind it all kind of crash-burned when I walked into Banana Republic. (More on that soon.)

So, here's what I bought in August:

Michael Stars t-shirt: $19
This was on sale at a local boutique and even though I don't need t-shirts, I couldn't resist buying a super-slouchy, deliberately inside-out leopardy t-shirt. I can only get away with wearing this on weekends, but I'll try to get a weekend outfit pic sometime soon. It's just one of those super thin, soft tees that you want to wear all the time. It's vanished from the internets, but still available in tank form. (She's wearing it inside out, btw.)

Ann Taylor jacket: $42
I bought this jacket for fall because I liked it's slightly Chanel-eque boxy fit, but it's still got the tags on it because I can't decide if it's me or not. (And because it's 99 degrees today.) Just FYI: for some reason AT in-store deals are always way, way better than online.

Pedicure: $22
So good, so necessary. I really should give my toes a no-polish break but I'm still wearing sandals, so what can you do? I think my current color is Essie Tiny Wine-ey? I can't remember.

Banana Republic Gemma wrap dress: $38
I took advantage of the sale I posted a while back and got this dress in the beautiful purple color. I can't wait to wear it!

Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick: $16
I think it's funny how many of you suggested this in the lip balm entry comments! It really is that good. I've used Black Honey for years and also loved one of the other colors which they discontinued because they're jerks.

So, that's all the stuff I had written on my "August purchases" list.  It totals up at $137 which seems like a really good, reasonable month until I stepped foot in Banana Republic and all of this restraint went out the window. They had some screaming deals in-store ($50 off a $100 purchase!) and online (40% off nearly everything!) I bought a bunch of stuff from the new collection with the idea that I'll try it all on with my existing wardrobe and then make some hard decisions. That'll be another post, but for those of you who're wondering, yes, I did buy the faux-leather skirt.

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  1. oooo good steal on the Gemma wrap dress! I have it in every color, and they're my career-wear workhorses.