Monday, September 22, 2014

Review: Frye Emma Hammered Stud Flats

Just so you know I'm not just making up the Weekend Window Shopping posts, I actually bought a pair of the flats I posted on that entry -  the Frye Emma Hammered Stud flats, which Marianne also owns. (Actually, she has my old pair which I bought a half-size too small and then decided were, um, a half size too small.) Online reviews do indicate that they run big, but they don't, they actually run slightly narrow. I have narrow heels so it's fine with me. Here's a preview:

I ordered mine from Last Call but they're sold out now (unless you're a size 6.) They're still available at and the sale price is good, especially for the quality you get. They are really well-made, leather lined, and have a rubber inset in the leather sole which keeps them from being slippery. And the color! I had been looking for a true red but these ended up being closer to a rich wine color, which is actually more versatile for fall. It looks good with brown and black and navy! I think they're beautiful.

Now, about the comfort factor. When I first slipped them on they immediately felt right, which is always a good sign. Having worn them for a full day I can tell you that they will require a bit of breaking-in, but I've never owned a pair of flats that didn't. Overall I'm really happy with them and will post an outfit soon!

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