Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Sephora on Sale.

Every now and then I paw through the sale section of Sephora. Sometimes i'm just looking for something cheap to fill out an order and get free shipping, but every now and then I find a bargain. Don't forget eBates for 4.0% cash back. (Ha, like I'd let you.) 

Here's what I wish I could buy right now:

Oooh, I want this. I’ve always liked Smashbox and this looks like a fun kit with the blue-black pencil, shadow and mascara.

I’m not sure about the eye shadow colors in this one, but man, I do love their mascara. A lot. And this looks like a great option for travel.

The Sephora collections aren’t always a great deal, but once they start marking them down? Different story. I’m dying to try that Caudalie Divine Oil.

This is a screaming good deal if you are a fan of Laura Mercier. A lot of products for the money and the colors are really neutral and wearable. And! For the totally not-on-sale OMG WTF I WANT palettes, I give you:

Everything about this is perfect. PERFECT. I truly believe owning this palette would make my life better and more glamorous.

The colors in this are very wearable but not terribly exciting. What is exciting is the cool circular palette and the bejeweled snake design on the cover. Oh yeah. I'm that easy.

The green is pretty crazy but the PURPLES. So so so good. Yes.

The colors look good, but who even cares? The beautiful packaging is what sells it. That butterfly design with the skulls? Best. Love.


  1. I keep looking at the Tarte round palette, but I've been burned by a crappy special xmas makeup box from Tarte so I rather always pass on this. It's lovely and I'd like to buy it, but I guess once burned, twice shy as they say.


  2. I bought that Sephora summer collection at full price, and the Caudalie Divine Oil was worth the price in my eyes. Got a compliment from my husband on the smell.