Monday, September 15, 2014

I Accidentally Bought Fall.

L: I have an Anthropologie downstairs from my work and it is BAD. I really like their fall collection. I went in to return a shirt and accidentally bought two dresses, a necklace and a sweater poncho! I swear I will wear this dress  (it's so good for a curvy figure!) even IF I don't get the horse ranch it so clearly deserves to be worn around in. And despite the fact that I no longer own any lanterns:

painted plaid dress


L: Pretty sure they're gonna FedEx me the horse?

A: It is cute as hell even without the horse. I continue to buy All The Things from Banana Republic.

L: You show me yours I'll show you another one of mine. Did you get the perforated leather skirt?

A: I did. And I bought a striped top (SHUT UP) and the faux leather trim cardigan. And a belt.

L: The only shirts I ever want to buy are striped shirts and I forcibly make myself choose a different patter. I LOVE the stripes. All of them. I bought this because sometimes I like to pretend that I'm an art teacher with an edge:

Characteristic Maxi Dress

L: And when we are having fake class outside in the fall, I will throw this on top of it:

Chainlink Fringed Poncho

A: OOooh, that dress is lovely!

L: How stripes are for you is how pajama-like clothes are for me. I just want to feel like I am wearing PJs 24-7. That dress is like comfy, cozy jammies.

A: I don't do maxi dresses but I totally get the appeal.

L: But they give the illusion of height (assuming someone who is 5'2" - ahem, me - is wearing platform shoes underneath!)

A: I can't stop. I just bought Marianne's Frye flats. Half off!

L: Don't you say the words cheap Fryes to me or I might have to forego October's rent.

A: What? Nothing.

L: Right now I am thanking my lucky stars that they did not have these in a color that I wanted.

Frye Karla
A: Ooh, those would look good with the dress you just b...nothing.



L: I'm going to send my landlord this link with my rent stub and $0. "Sorry, I have no more dollars. Love, Lili."

A: I'm sure your landlord will completely understand.


  1. if i had an anthro so close i would be finished. i love that first dress - please post pic when you wear it. kim.

    1. I just wore it to a wedding this weekend and stupidly didn't take a picture. I will post if anyone else has one of me in it!

  2. As a Canadian, can you guys please explain Anthro to us? Is it a mish mash of designers there?

    1. Pretty much. They have a couple of brands and labels that they often carry (Corey Lynn Calter, Maeve, Pilcro) which are often hard to get in other stores, but then also a lot of rotating stock that fits their general ethos. It's like a very small department store, I suppose, more than its own fashion brand.

    2. and they have awesome sales- regular & deep!
      & really irresistible house ware stuff.
      my only complaint, their sizes run small. i'm not a big gal, and i'm most often a 10 or 12.