Monday, January 18, 2016

Snow Goggling.

A: Kim France is making me want shearling lined Birkenstocks. WTF.

Birkenstock Clog

M: No.

A: I’m cold.

M: Uggs.

A: I have Uggs. They're tall and require effort. Actually, I have Ugg slippers too. Never mind.

M: See? Told you.

A: Fine.


  1. if it makes you feel any better, I have those clogs, unlined, and they aren't easy to keep on my feet. I know they fit perfectly because I got them at the Birkenstock store and had an expert fit me.
    The real question is: do I need new Ultimate Short Uggs or these ( Sigh.

  2. Two words: wool socks. The only way to combat cold toes in the winter! I mean, Uggs are good on the worst days, but wool socks let me wear my cute shoes too.

  3. I have the sandal version of these (Madrids) and honestly they are the best thing ever. I feel like such a contraian though.,