Monday, January 25, 2016

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Boden Clearance.

I'm still snowed in (and sick to boot) but I'm hoping to wear real clothes tomorrow. In the meantime, my friend Paula pointed out that this adorable Boden skirt has been marked down like whoa:

Alice Ponte Skirt

Sizing is a bit funky so read the reviews before you order. The dress version is also marked down but not quite as drastically. I'm also really taken by these gorgeous boots:

Olivia Boot

I know, right? Sizing is limited but they also come in a greeny-blue color which could be really cool. I wanted to include these black glitter pointy flats but they're only available in size 36.5, so if you have small feet, check em out. (They do come in other colorways but the glitter is the best.) If you're feeling more practical, these wellies are fun and really inexpensive:

The Welly

Finally, I think this tote is pretty effing great looking:

Slouchy Tote

So, if you're still snowed in or sadly back at work after a great weekend,  I've just given you something to do. Get thee to Boden. Oh, and don't forget eBates for 2.0% cash back! (my referral link.) 


  1. Holy shit, they have some nice stuff, and the prices are amazing. Unfortunately, I blew the monthly clothes budget on the J. Crew factory 20 percent off promotion, and I won't get that money back until my package shows up, I decide I hate everything, and return it all.

    DAMN IT.

    1. OMFG yes -- I do this too! I like it when my fellow internet buy-and-return people identify themselves ...

  2. Oooh yes, I visited the Boden site over the weekend and snapped up two pairs of shoes for under $60! TWO PAIRS.

  3. Oh good lord, now I've gone and ordered WHITE PANTS from Boden. why do you do this to me.

    1. I did not say anything about white pants! (I'll bet they're really cute.)

    2. Well but until I saw this post, I had successfully ignored Boden's enticing emails, and then I went over there and sorted for my size and started browsing and SHATNER DAMMIT. I think the pants are gonna be cute as all hell, though. [weep]


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