Friday, January 29, 2016

Cute Boy Friday: Goode News.

I can't not make a pun out of his last name, I'm sorry. Anyway, it isn't just me who was like, "FINALLY!" last Sunday when Matthew Goode reappeared on Downton Abbey? The hospital plot is zzzZZZZzzz and ugh the Bateses and WHERE ARE THE HOT BOYS. PLEASE:

WOOF. YES TO THE TUXEDO. He just totally looks like such a smarmy foxy thing. And then we have Mary:

Girl, you should either hit that or just get out of my way. I do like how snarky they are with each other. It's fun. And this is just because I really liked the whole tweed thing last season:

Now, because it's Friday and because I work hard to bring you only the best of the best, I present you this series of adorable Goode/Leech GIFs without any context (because who needs it):



  1. Oh, my stars and garters ...

    You know, this is terrible, but I had to quit watching mid-season 4 and let the episodes pile up, because I AM SO AFRAID of two different bad things happening that would make me fall out of love with certain characters. Can you guys be my true honest friends and tell me whether Bad Things happened that made you fall out of love with anyone on the show? Please. help. I miss watching it.

    1. I can honestly say that nothing has happened (that I can recall) that has made me completely turn on a character I love. If you email me with specific questions/character names I can probably be more specific.

  2. I think Tom (who I guess must be the Leech in this post) is good looking, but I feel guilty lusting for him because I feel like I'm betraying Sybil! This Goode guy--eh. But he's about what Mary deserves.

  3. Aww be still my heart. Cuteness!

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